Georgia is one of the major tourist destination with its natural valleys, historical places and picture perfect sceneries, but still there are so many places yet to be discovered. Imagine yourself that you are at some of its undiscovered places and thinking hope you could know before about that place. This might be wandering and scaring. If you want to avoid this issue in Georgia, get to know some important tips to help you through the overall Georgia trip with The Travel Makers recognized as the best travel agency in Dubai. It is not only about the Georgia travel tips, The Travel Makers also offer curated Georgia tour package to make your trip affordable and you can make most of your trip.

Let’s dive through the blog, what major tips you should know before heading to Gerogia.

Things to know before heading to Georgia

Learn some phrases of Georgia

English is widely spoken language in the main central cities of Georgia like Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi. If you are heading to some rural places in Georgia, you have to be aware of some phrases of Georgia. It is possible that you won’t be fluent in Georgian language, but learning some phrases would be a great help for you. Apart from this, some old generation Georgians also speak Russian language. But if you talk in Georgian language, it would be more appreciated. Some phrases of Georgia are:

Georgians are friendly

If you are wander about, what types of people you would meet, then this is totally not an issue because Georgian are very friendly to the visitors. Georgians believe that Guests are gift from God and their hospitality will mesmerize your heart.

Bring a gift for the host

In Georgia, if you are invited at a home, make sure to bring some gift for the host. They will provide you with best services and it can be a moral duty to bring some gift like a bouquet or bottle of wine. You can also get a chocolate box as well.

Food is cheap

Whenever we visit any destination, food plays an important part on a trip. You must be surprised the Georgia has less-expensive food. If you love to eat, start with its restaurants, fast-food places and local street foods. Local markets offer fresh fruit and vegetables from the farmers. You can try various kinds of Georgian food at lots of cafes and restaurants in Georgia.

Don’t rent a car, can be expensive

There is no doubt that Georgia is a budget-friendly destination compared to other countries in Europe, but one thing can cost you expensive but not with The Travel Makers. The Travel makers provide rental car services which covers the most part of the tour. The second option you can consider is to book a taxi.  There are various taxi booking apps from which Bolt is popular. If you want to stick on your budget, you can also use public transportation services in Georgia. There are lots of services like trains, bus, mini buses, etc. are available that connects the major as well minor parts of the country.

Carry some cash

Georgia main city centers accept payment in cards except the local markets, small supermarkets, etc. Apart from this, some rural places of Georgia also accepts payment in cash. To avoid any hindrance while shopping in Georgia, it is good to carry some cash.

Internet services established

If you are wonder about the internet service, then don’t worry. There is a no place where you cannot find internet service. There are lots of restaurants, bars, cafes, and staying places where you can access free Wi-Fi.

Get a SIM Card

Buying a SIM card can become a necessity in Georgia, if you are going to book taxi or want to navigate the paths by Google Maps. There is a famous SIM card provider i.e. Magti which offer SIM card in 10 GEL. It is suggested not to buy SIM card at the airport as it can cost you high. Instead of, head outside the airport, and you will find various Magti Branches and the best part is all the SIM registration will be done in just 10 minutes.

These travel tips are the major points that must be considered before properly heading to Georgia. For further information, contact the Travel Makers and create lots of memories at this amazing destination.