1. How can I be sure if my booking is confirmed? Do I need to reconfirm my booking?

Once you have completed your booking with us by submitting your credit card details, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail shortly. The confirmation e-mail you receive will have the details of the booking. This email is a written confirmation about your booking and the price on which we have agreed to. Please make sure that all information provided is absolutely correct. A confirmation mail would be needed from your side. You will receive your e-ticket within 24- 48 hours 
In case of any discrepancy, you are requested to bring it into our notice right away. This is required as we are in the process of issuing your ticket and any changes at a later time, after issuance of e-ticket, may not be possible.;

2. How can I get my ticket/flight cancelled?

The booking for the flight can be cancelled at any time by the person who made the booking. The cancellation request should be communicated to us in writing and it needs to be received prior to the departure of the flight. Unless stated, all tickets are issued on a non-refundable/ non-endorsable basis. All the conditions under which a cancellation can be done are explained in our booking terms and conditions.

3. How can I make changes in my booking?

After getting your tickets booked, if you want to get some changes done in your travel schedule, you can contact us for the same and we will try our best to make the booking as per your new requirements. You will have to give the instructions for the amendment in writing to us. Besides, you will also have to pay the amendment fee applicable. In case while making the amendment, if we incur any cost such as charges that may be levied by the airlines or hotels, you must pay that to us. Before getting a booking done it is important to know, that there are some travel arrangements that cannot be amended. And alteration request in this case can incur a cancellation charge of up to 100% for that part of the arrangements.

4. How much is my Baggage allowance?

Since every airline has their own set of rules and regulations in regard to baggage allowance, so you can either confirm with your Travel Consultant or the airline directly.

5. Unaccompanied children

In case your children (2-11 years) need to travel unaccompanied, we recommend you to contact us by phone. We cannot issue tickets for unaccompanied children via internet. Some general rules for unaccompanied children are the following ones:
Children older than 5 years can usually travel unaccompanied on a direct flight or on a flight with correspondence (however they cannot fly with the last correspondence flight of the day). The exact age for which this policy applies, varies from airline to airline therefore we strongly recommend that you contact directly the specific airline in order to be further informed. A lot of airlines offer escort service (usually by a flight attendant) for minors travelling alone.
Children under 5 years old cannot travel unless they are accompanied by an older passenger (who must be usually older than 15 years old).
A lot of airlines may charge an extra fee for the children escort service. The airlines usually need to know who will receive the unaccompanied child and an identity card demonstration is required at the reception of the child. Possible failure of identification card demonstration may cause delay on the procedure, that is why we highly recommend you that you previously consult the specific requirements of each airline. In any case it is essential that you communicate with the airline before booking any ticket for an unaccompanied child.

6. Discounts for infants and children

A lot of airlines offer discounts for infants and children. These discounts may vary depending on the company, the flight and the seat availability.

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