Salalah from Dubai

How to reach Salalah from Dubai

Salalah and Dubai…the two mesmerizing emirates in the UAE. One is popular for its tall skyscrapers, urban life, and vibrant nightlife….and another is rich in natural beauty with its waterfalls, caves, mountains and so much more….Traveling from Dubai to Salalah is one of the popular routes in the UAE. If you also want to take […]

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best time to visit Salalah

The best time to visit Salalah: Weather in Salalah

Hidden wonders sometimes get neglected while talking about tourism and it is also found that there is not so much information available around….but not this time. Our The Travel Makers which is the best travel agency in Dubai has selected the most beautiful and the largest city in Oman which is rich in natural beauty […]

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best places to visit in Salalah

Top Places to visit in Salalah

It is always found that nature with rich greenery, and land areas becomes a wonderland when the monsoon season comes. The real example of this fact is Salalah. There are lots of best places to visit in Salalah in the Middle East. This destination is rich in beautiful deserts, mountains, sand, and a dry & […]

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