Salalah and Dubai…the two mesmerizing emirates in the UAE. One is popular for its tall skyscrapers, urban life, and vibrant nightlife….and another is rich in natural beauty with its waterfalls, caves, mountains and so much more….Traveling from Dubai to Salalah is one of the popular routes in the UAE. If you also want to take a tour from Dubai to Salalah or want to get away from city life and escape to the middle of nature, then The Travel Makers is here. In this article, The Travel Makes has various ways to help you reach Salalah from Dubai. Read this article with our best travel agency in UAE and get ready for a beautiful tour to Salalah from Dubai.  To know more, get in touch with one of our experts at +971-4256-2434.

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Reach Salalah from Dubai

The convenient and most preferred way to travel from Dubai to Salalah is by flight and the best part is, that this journey only takes time of 2 hours. There is only one airline that provides direct flights from Dubai to Salalah. Apart from this, other airlines offer connecting flights with taking time of 5 hours. There is also another option to take you from Dubai to Salalah is through road trips where one can get experiences of beautiful sceneries. Let us know in detail about these ways.

Ways to get to Salalah from Dubai

There are 3 ways to get to Salalah from Dubai:

  1. Flight
  2. Road Trip
  3. Bus

Getting to Salalah from Dubai by Flight


There are a total of 5 flights that depart from Dubai International Airport to take you to Salalah from Dubai. The only airline which offers direct flights to cover this distance is FlyDubai. Other than this, Salam Air and Oman Air offer connection flights.

Departing Airport: Dubai International Airport

Arrival Airport: Salalah International Airport

Time period: 2 hours by direct flights and 5 hours by connecting flights

Getting to Salalah from Dubai by Road Trip


Traveling from Dubai to Salalah by road is definitely a straightforward adventure passing through various deserts. During the trip, you will get through diverse sceneries, dunes, camels, and so much more. The average distance between these two destinations is about 1,226 km which approximately takes 12 hours to complete. There are two different routes for this road trip, i.e. via Sohar, and via Al Ain. These routes are also known as Route 32 and Route 31.

Route 1: Via Al Ain (Route 31)

Travel Distance: 1228 km

Time Duration: 12 hours

Sight Attractions on this route: Burj Khalifa, Al Jahili Fort, Al Ain, Sultan Qaboos Youth and Cultural Centre.

Where to eat: At. Mosphere – Burj Khalifa, Yemen Balqis Restaurant – Al Jahili Fort, Wonder Bakery – Al Maha Gas Station, Rawabi Fayhaa Café, Ardh Al-Gharf Bakery, Lakabina Café.

Route 2: Via Sohar (Route 32)

Travel Distance: 1565 km

Time Duration: 17 hours

Sight Attractions on this route: Burj Khalifa, Sohar Fort, Sines Fortress, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Dagmar Beach, Bimmah Sinkhole, Hidden Beach, Wadi Shab, Camel Race Course.

Where to eat: The Tea Club Café, Alhain Café, Al Dar Restaurant, Rabia Al Sham-Wadi Shab, Al Faris Restaurant – Thumrayt St.

Getting to Salalah from Dubai by Bus


It is one of the cheapest options from all of the above taking you from Dubai to Salalah. However, buses choose the longest routes out of all the choices available. The important that must be kept in mind is that the buses operate once a day so it is recommended to book your seat in advance.

Route information:

Frequency: Once a day

Travel Distance: 1226 km

Travel Time: 16 hours

Starting Point: Dubai International Airport (DXB) Ending Point: Salalah Bus Station

Other popular routes in the UAE

Route 1 – Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Travel Time – 1 hour 22 minutes

Travel Distance – 140 km

Route 2 – Dubai to Sharjah

Travel Time – 24 minutes

Travel Distance – 28 km

Route 3 – Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah

Travel Time – 1 hour 18 minutes

Travel Distance – 112 km

Route 4 – Dubai to Al Ain

Travel Time – 1 hour 38 minutes

Travel Distance – 144 km

Route 5 – Dubai to Ajman

Travel Time – 37 minutes

Travel Distance – 44 km

Choose any of the ways and routes, after getting to Salalah you will find yourself in a haven-like destination….where all your travel stress will be relieved and you can enjoy much more than you expected earlier. Make a call us at +971-4256-2434 and get ready for an amazing journey of your life.