getting around in Singapore

Ways to Getting Around in Singapore

This mesmerizing city is well known for its modernity, vibrant culture and diversity which offers lots of transportation options taking you to the beautiful attractions. Getting around in Singapore by choosing from public transportations to amazing tricycles, you can explore so much with top selected Singapore tour packages in effective ways. In this article by […]

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Top 6 Places to Visit in Singapore

As time passes, Singapore has become one of the popular tourist destinations full of beautiful attractions and activities. It has many museums, scenic gardens, theme-based adventure parks, and food tours, some of the best places to visit in Singapore. If you are in a fix to what to visit first or how to start your […]

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languages of Singapore

What are the spoken languages of Singapore?

There is no doubt that Singapore is a melting point of different cultures and because of the diversity in the nation, you may also find lots of languages there. Before heading to this nation, it becomes important to know about the spoken languages of Singapore so that you have great communication with the locals and […]

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Best Time to Visit Singapore

Which Month is Best to Visit Singapore?

Summers are always considered the best time to visit…and when it is hot and humid throughout the year, why go to another??? Here, The Travel Makers has come with a trip to Singapore, one of the world’s top tourist destinations. It is difficult to consider which month is best to visit Singapore as there are […]

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Singapore Travel Guide Tips 2024

A city with different names like ‘Lion City’ or ‘Garden City’ is ready to satisfy your travel wanderlust with its lots of amazing world heritage sites, top-class airports, luxurious malls, and incredible tourist destinations. This island country is popular as one of the safest and cleanest places throughout the world. Once you reach here, you […]

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