This mesmerizing city is well known for its modernity, vibrant culture and diversity which offers lots of transportation options taking you to the beautiful attractions. Getting around in Singapore by choosing from public transportations to amazing tricycles, you can explore so much with top selected Singapore tour packages in effective ways. In this article by The Travel Makers get to learn about various transportation methods to getting around in Singapore. Call us at +971-4256-2434 and make your trip to this city more enjoyable.


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Transportation Modes: Getting Around in Singapore

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

The Mass Rapid Transit system is the most popular transportation way in Singapore. It is the most efficient and reliable way for getting around in Singapore. The MRT operates daily from early morning to late at night which helps you to reach to major destinations throughout the island. Through this mode anyone can cover the major tourist attractions and large surrounding areas. MRT helps you to minimize waiting times as it arrive in every few minutes. With this system, one can enjoy a comfortable, clean and safe exploration with best prices.

Public Bus Transportation in Singapore

Bus Transportation system is very wide that reaches almost each part of this city-state. Public buses runs from early morning to late nights. It is a cheap and convenient mode of transport on your Singapore Trip. There are also prepaid cards available for multiple trips. One can get comprehensive route information from Transit Link Travel Guide.

Taxis in Singapore

There is a more convenient option available in Singapore with air-conditioned taxis which provides door to door services to passengers. Whether you are looking for a quick round of the city or a trip to the airport. Taxis are available 24 hours in a day to provide you a convenient and reliable transportation option. It is easier to book a taxi through a ride-hailing service app.

Cable Cars

Singapore has a famous Sentosa Island located at the southern tip of Singapore which is connected to the city by cable cars, monorails and cycle lane. If you want to explore with lots of scenic views than Cable cars are hands-up. It is not fastest and take 30 minutes to ride from the Harbour Front cable car station to wander over the harbour of almost 100 feet above the sea level. The fastest way to get through the Sentosa Island is by Sentosa Express Monorail  whose tickets are cheap and the ride takes up to 3-5 minutes. There is no doubt to found Monorail and cable cars to take you to the most of the main attractions in Sentosa. There is also a free beach shuttle available between some beaches such as Palawan, Tanjong, and Siloso beaches.


Cycling is a most fun and pretty good way to explore Singapore with hundreds of miles of cycle paths across the island. Cycling is followed by same rules as the motorists such as wearing helmets with speed limit 15km/h.


Trishaws also known as three-wheeled bicycles with a carriage which was once a practical transportation way in ancient times of Singapore. But you can still try this in Chinatown and in Little India. Tourists can also find these Trishaws at Waterloo Street. The cost of trishaw ride of 45 minutes take about SG$50.


Apart from road transportation, there are also cruises and other tours which are organized by the hotels you are staying at. You can get through the island and harbour with cruise boats operating on the southern water ways in Singapore.  

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Choose any from the above ways to get through this vibrant city-state and immerse yourself in its rich attractions. To get to know more about this wonderful destination, make a call us at +971-4256-2434.