In any trip whether it is domestic or international…..transportation plays an important role to cover the budget and take you to the different parts of your desired destination. If you are in Malaysia, then it is for sure that you won’t be able to stop yourself by getting to its top attractions in which the important part will be played by the transportation ways in Malaysia. For a convenient and comfortable strolling through Malaysia, we have list some top ways that will help you to get the different corner of Malaysia within your budget. Start your tour with the top Malaysia tour packages and explore the various sightseeing attractions to make your Malaysia trip one of the best memory of your life. For more details, don’t forget to get in touch with us at The Travel Makers by calling +971-4256-2434.


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Transportation Ways in Malaysia



Malaysia has various tropical islands where the only way to travel through them is by boats. There are normally small sized boats that will help to get to the islands in short time. The time which is often covered by these boats is 35-40 minutes. With an exception, the travel to the Taman Negara will take up to 2 hours with wooden jungle boat.



Visitors may find this transportation service at the southern part of Malaysia, and these are quite comfortable and air-conditioning. Lots of buses start their tour from the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and take you to the different places such as Malacca, Singapore, Taman Nagara, the Cameron Highlands and Penang. These buses ride daily between the islands of Pangkor and Penang. Buses are one of the most economical, local efficient way to stroll around in Malaysia.



Malaysia has not so much a wide network, apart from this it is spread from North to South. It is not the fastest means of transport as it stops lots of train stations along the way. But there is no doubt that train are the most enjoyable way to travel and it also offer chances to get interact with the locals. One can get a train ride from Singapore to Malacca or Kualal Lumpur, stopping at the closest stop to Peneng Island.

Domestic Flights

If you have a limited time to be in Malaysia and also want to cover longer distance in quick way then Domestic Flights are the best option. For some flying routes in Malaysia, air mode of transportation is preferred such as Penang and the Eastern Coast. Some famous airlines to make you get around this destination are Air Asia, Silk and Batik Air.



This transportation method was started in 2003 as Kuala Lumpur Monorail System or KL Monorail System which is now spread to nearby places of Selangor, Pahang, Melaka and Putrajaya. The KL Monorail line features 11 stations to cover the distance of 8.6 kms of the city. It is a quite comfortable, fastest and affordable means of transport in Malaysia. Along the way, the monorail line covers the major shopping centers such as Bukit Bintang, Imbi, and Chow Kit.

Car Rental

car rental

It is one of the nicest way to stroll around in Malaysia. Rental Cars help you to reach to the different corners of the destination in convenient way. Some common places to ride on car rentals are Penang, Cemaron Highlands, Kota Bharu, and Malacca. To book a car rental for a comfortable ride in Malaysia, you can rent a car by calling at +971-4256-2434.

Get yourself to your selected locations by choosing one of your preferred mode of transportation in Malaysia to get the most on your trip. For more details, get in touch with us at +971-4256-2434 and have an enjoyable trip to Malaysia with different Malaysia tour packages including Malaysia honeymoon tour packages and Malaysia family tour packages.