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Malaysia… as the name suggests has a popular slogan of “Truly Asia” because of three vibrant cultures i.e. Malay, Chinese, and Indian. There is no other country like Malaysia not only just because of its name but also with hospitality. Due to three lively and lovely cultures, you may find diverse festival seasons that are full of a wide range of cuisines, traditions, and customs.

Hope that these features in Malaysia will capture your heart and if you are planning for a Malaysia trip, get in touch with us i.e. The Travel Makers. We at the best travel agency in Dubai will help you to create your customized Malaysia tour itinerary by including flight services, hotel accommodations, transfers, sightseeing places, and lots of things to take part in. After completion, you will get personalized Malaysia tour packages that are ready to make your trip worthwhile.

Living outside Dubai??? Don’t worry, The Travel Makers also offer Malaysia tour packages from UAE with the same travel services as the other Malaysia packages from Dubai.

To book your cultural Malaysia trip, make a call at +971-4256-2434 and get 24/7 customer care support throughout the trip.

Top Malaysia tour packages from Dubai

Package Price Duration
Malaysian Getaway with Genting Highlands AED 619 3 nights – 4 days
Magical Malaysia Tour Packages AED 934 4 nights – 5 days
Best of Kuala Lumpur AED 1,270 5 nights – 6 days

What is the ideal time to visit Malaysia?

Malaysia is near the equator part of the earth, and it feels warm weather with a lot of rainfall throughout the year. If you want to visit Malaysia, then you must consider the place where you want to go. That is why, there are two different perfect times to visit for two different regions of Malaysia. The ideal time to visit the eastern part of Malaysia is from April to October, and December to February months are best for visiting the western part of Malaysia.

How to get to Malaysia from Dubai?

To cover the long distance of 5499 km between Dubai to Malaysia, it is ideal to go with flights. Several flights cover the distance from Dubai International Airport to different airports in Malaysia i.e. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Langkawi International Airport (LGK), and Malacca International Airport (MKZ) in direct or non-direct ways within 10 to 11 hours.

Malaysia Visa from UAE

There is good news for UAE residents there is no visa required to head to Malaysia. Traveling to Malaysia from the UAE is completely visa-free and enables Malaysia tourism for a period of 90 days. Besides that, you do not have the nationality of UAE or Dubai or live like a foreign citizen in Dubai. You are not eligible for visa-free arrival in Malaysia, instead, you need to apply for a required Malaysia visa…..for more details, call +971-4256-2434.

Places to visit in Malaysia

Apart from cultural experiences, Malaysia has diverse regions and cities that are unique on their own to provide a diverse experience to the visitor. Let us take a virtual tour of the best places to visit in Malaysia that are included in your Malaysia tour package. These places are:

1) Kuala Lumpur

No list is complete without the capital city of Malaysia i.e. Kuala Lumpur. The capital city has both historical monuments and modern tall towers like Batu Caves, Chinatown, Menara Kuala Lumpur, and Petronas Twin Towers. Besides these, Kuala Lumpur has other entertainment options like clubs, bars, malls, and traditional markets.

2) Langkawi

This archipelago made of 99 islands is a must-include place in the Malaysia tour package as a holiday destination. It is popular for its fine combination of people and nature. Visitors can spend their family time sightseeing, taking part in adventure activities, or trying delicious food.

3) Melaka

Melaka is full of cultural richness & historical places that made it a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008 and it can be found by exploring Jonker Street, Chinatown, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, Kampung Kling Mosque, etc.

4) Penang

Culture and history are two complimentary bonds, that always come together, in the same way .. Malaysia has also Penang where you can find diverse cultures with rich histories. It is no less than the activities to take part in such as witnessing amazing views from Penang Hill, exploring historical places like Fort Cornwallis, and relaxing at the sandy beach of Batu Ferringhi.

5) Cameron Highlands

If natural beauty is your priority, then Cameron Highlands is here. This destination is full of picture-perfect landmarks, tea plantation areas, strawberry farms, and lovely flower gardens.

Things to do in Malaysia

Various cultural experiences cannot be completed unless you try some other things to do. In the same way, Malaysia is the pinnacle of things to do that are sufficient to provide you with the best experiences in the world.

1) Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Penang

If history is your passion, then the historical places of Penang must be added to your Malaysia tour package. The popular Gorge Town has so much to offer with its cultural diversity, colonial architecture, and street art. You can also delve into the rich history by exploring temples, villages, and heritage buildings.

2) Try street food in Penang

Apart from heritage sites in Penang, this place is also full of tasty dishes. They provide you with a wide range of flavors from Char Kway Teow to Nasi Kandar. They are easily accessible at the lovely hawker stalls and on the local streets. Don’t miss to add a food tour as an itinerary to the Malaysia tour packages.

3) Dive into the underwater wonderland of Sipadan

You may be surprised that an underwater tour is possible at this cultural destination. But, yes it is possible at Sipadan Island. It is one of the top diving places in the world. Near the island’s clear waters, you will come across the turtles, schools of Barracuda, and schools of fish.

4) Hike on Cameron Highlands

Your adventure soul must be satisfied by trying hiking at the Cameron Highlands. It has a cool climate which is a perfect environment for trekking. Along with trekking, you can go through the tea plantation areas, and the tea-making process, and cherish the amazing views of rolling hills.

Don’t miss the vibrant cultural & historical experience of Malaysia and call +971-4256-2434 to plan your Malaysia trip with complete traveler satisfaction. Embark your heart-filled adventure with The Travel Makers now….

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