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Armenia Tour Package

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Armenia Tour Package From Dubai

If you are you a history lover or always look to explore the oldest historical sites across the world? Head to Armenia… Armenia is a rich country in history, with ancient churches, fortresses, and monasteries. It is in the Southern part of the Caucasus Region. This country is surrounded by other countries like Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Iran. It is the first country that officially adopted Christianity as a religion, which is why most of the people are Christian here. Apart from the culture, Armenia is also famous for café culture, dairy products, and fruit-flavored wine production. Its popular places are the Greco-Roman Temple of Garni, Etchmiadzin of the 4th century, the headquarters of the Armenian Church, Yerevan, Etc.
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Armenia Tour Package from UAE

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How many tourists visit Armenia each year?

However, Armenia is a small country and is covered by other nations like Georgia, Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan but still, in the last few years, it has increased its popularity with its cultural & archaeological sites. Most of the old churches, monasteries, and fortresses in Armenia are counted in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites, which is a major achievement for the nation as well as to increase the number of history enthusiasts.

Best places to visit in Armenia

There are lots of best places to visit in Armenia which shows historical stories as well as the origin of Christianity in the country. These places are:


It is the capital city as well as the biggest city in Armenia. Yerevan would be best to start your Armenia trip. As it is the capital city, it has both old architectural charm and modern infrastructure with amenities. Yerevan is also famous for Armenian food having local dishes as well as traditional dishes.


It is the second largest city in Armenia, which was badly destroyed in the earthquake in 1988. Even after this huge destruction, it has many places to visit like museums, churches, bazaars, etc. This city is also popular as a “city of crafts and arts”.


It is the third largest city in Armenia particularly famous for its chemical production. Before independence of Armenia, it earlier name was Kirovakan and Vanadzor was named after the Vandazor river that floow throughout the city. Its’ some of the major attraction are Boo Mountain Bike Park, Vanadzor Fine Arts Museum, Holy Mother of God Church, Vanadzor Botanical Garden, etc.

Top things to do in Armenia

There are various top things to do in Armenia that are included in the Armenia tour package. These things are:

Visit beautiful churches:

Armenia is popular as the first country who have adopted Christianity in the 301 AD. Armenia has lots of churches that are now reconstructed today and become top sites of Armenia. By visiting these churches, you can imagine the rich ancient history of the churches. Some best churches are Geghard Monastery, Khor Virap Monastery Tatev Monastery, etc.

Get the savour of Armenian dishes:

Armenia is full of traditional and local cuisine which are served at the restaurants and cafes at Armenia. Some popular dishes to eat in Armenia are Morash (chicken mixed with peas), Kyufta (handmade sausage beef, grains and sautéed mushrooms), local bread (Lavash). The irony of the Armenian food is that there is not dish can be completed without bread.

Taste special Armenian Coffee:

The special about the Armenian coffee is its way of making. Armenians generally, crush the coffee beans, and add water to it. They boil it special Armenian coffee pot. Once the coffee start to rise and turn into foam, it becomes ready to drink.

Top hotels in Armenia

Apart from the cultural sites, there are top hotels in Armenia that are in our list to provide a perfect stay at this location. These top hotels are:

Aghababyan’s Hotel:

If you want a luxurious and perfect environment for relaxation, then head to this 5-star hotel which is in outside of the city and away from cities’ noise. Each room at this hotel has king-sized beds, swimming pool, fitness centre and breakfasts.

Grand hotel Yerevan:

This hotel will take you back nearly 1000 years ago, with its elegance when it was built by architect Nikolay Buniatyan. In each room at this hotel, there are marble bathrooms, gilded mirrors, bathrobes, a private balcony, etc. You will also get a bottle of compliment Italian wine after arriving.

Golden Palace hotel:

It is one of the best hotels in Armenia. Its each room is designed with authentic Italian furniture, comfortable bedding and luxurious toiletries. This hotel also offers transportation service by a private shuttle to the nearby Zvartnots International Airport.

Visit Armenia by Month

Before planning to visit, it is important to know the weather conditions of Armenia. This would help you to get to know the best time to visit Armenia. Let’s take a look at the climate of Armenia by Month:

Armenia in January – the coldest one

January is the coldest time in Armenia with mild and wet December. The capital city Yerevan notices the lowest temperature of -7.5 degrees Celsius to the highest of 1.2 degrees Celsius.

Armenia in February – the blend of snowfall and rainfall

In February, there is a slight change in the climate that is caused due to some rainfall. Still, February month is in the grip of winter in Armenia. The temperature falls between -8 degrees Celsius to 1 degree Celsius.

Armenia in March – the spring season

This month is the start of the spring season with a hike in the rainfall volume of 29mm. the temperature starts rising from -1 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius.

Armenia in April – longer daytime starts

April in Armenia comes with both rainfall and sunlight hours. The capital city starts getting more rise in temperature from 2 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius.

Armenia in May – high sunshine and decrease in rainfall

This month touches the hike of spring and the weather changes to sunshine and there is a decrease in rainfall. The temperature lies between 19.4 degrees Celsius to 24 .1 degrees Celsius.

Armenia in June – the start of summer

June is the start of the summer season. This turns the main city into a sun-covered city. This also allows the tourists to explore the historical places. Tourists can expect a rise in temperature to 26 degrees Celsius.

Armenia in July – Summer reaches its peak

July is the hottest month in Armenia when the sun's rays mercilessly affect the environment. The temperature hiked to 37 degrees Celsius.

Armenia in August – summer and sightseeing

The temperature goes down and offers a perfect time for sightseeing and to take part in outdoor activities. The temperature lies between 18 degrees Celsius to 33 degrees Celsius.

Armenia in September – welcome autumn

September welcomes the autumn season in Armenia with a slight decrease in the temperature and shorter daytime. Extreme sunlight will not allow you to take part in outdoor activities but provide a chance to explore the other City’s top places. The temperature falls between 13 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius.

Armenia in October – Autumn at its peak

There is a little bit decrease in the temperature and hikes in the Autumn. Unpredictable weather conditions cover the whole city with red and golden shades. The temperature decreases to 5 degrees Celsius.

Armenia in November – Shifting time to winter again

This month starts with shorter daytime and a cool atmosphere. The weather started to go down from 9 degrees Celsius to -1 degrees Celsius.

Armenia in December – time for snowfall

With a lower temperature of -3 degrees Celsius, the winter comes with snowfall and the temperature starts freezing during the night.

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