Switzerland tour Packages

Switzerland Tour Packages

Do you also want to visit a destination which has both natural beauty and modern architecture?? If yes.. then we are here with our Switzerland tour packages to take you to this dreamy destination. Switzerland is in the heart of Europe which is also famous for its snowy mountains, lakes, and villages. Apart from these natural beauties, Switzerland is also famous for clocks, food, chocolates, and watches. The best thing about this destination is it attracts all types of travelers, whether they are a family, a group, a couple, or even solo. It has everything for everyone. On the contrary, Switzerland is an expensive destination which means you may need to take care of your budget and the main reason is its currency. Add this destination to your bucket list and get our wonderful Switzerland Tour Packages from Dubai. Call us at +971-4256-2434 and start your incredible Switzerland trip from Dubai.

Switzerland tour package from UAE

If you are not living in Dubai, there are other flights that serves from different parts of UAE (United Arab Emirates). It is big destination that serves lots of direct and indirect flights UAE to Switzerland and these flights take normally 6 to 7 hours.

Switzerland tour package from Abu Dhabi

Our Switzerland tour package from Abu Dhabi has various cheap flights options on these different routes from Abu Dhabi to Switzerland like:

  • Abu Dhabi (AUH) to Zurich (ZRH), and
  • Abu Dhabi (AUH) to Geneva (GVA), etc

Switzerland tour package from Sharjah

Apart from Abu Dhabi, we have another place in UAE i.e. Sharjah which also has different routes to reach Switzerland. Our Switzerland tour package from Sharjah also offer cheap flights for these routes. These routes are:

  • Sharjah (SHJ) to Geneva (GVA), and
  • Sharjah (SHJ) to Zurich (ZRH), etc.

Other than these major emirates of UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi),….If you are a resident of Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, The Travel Makers’ all in one Switzerland tour packages from UAE are ready to cater to all your travel needs like staying, transportation, travel insurance and visas.

Best time to visit Switzerland

Anyone rather cannot say which time is perfect to visit Switzerland. Different weather in Switzerland attracts different types of travelers every year. But in general, visiting time to any destination is dependent on the traveler's needs and preferences. For example, if anyone is an adventure seeker and loves activities like skiing, then winter would be the best time for him. The winter season in Switzerland starts in December and lasts until March. Switzerland is also popular for its mountains which attract of hikers every year and if you are also one of them, then the summer season is best for you. The summer season in Switzerland falls between June and September. There is another factor that helps you to decide the best time to visit is budget and services. If you want affordable prices for trips and stays then choose your perfect Switzerland tour package from Dubai and head to Switzerland during these ranges of months i.e. March to May and September to November which is also called the shoulder season of Switzerland.

Places to visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its beauty which is rich in wonderful cities. Whether you head to Zurich, Lucerne, or Bern, each one is ready to provide a memorable amazing trip. Some of the best places and cities added to your Switzerland tour package from Dubai are:


Zurich is the financial city of the nation. It is at the north side of Lake Zurich in northern Switzerland. Zurich is also refer as the financial district of Switzerland. It has a River Limmat is also an attraction of Zurich. This city is a mixture of tradition and modernity. It has some historical churches & museums and new shopping centres, cafes and vibrant nightlife.


It is a small city in Switzerland, but it is well-known for wooden bridge over the river that connects the city. It has another old bridge i.e. Chapel Bridge which was made in 14th century. Lucerne is also famous as city town of squares and churches.


Bern is the capital as well as medieval city of Switzerland which is famous for fountains, cobbled streets, bell towers, different monuments, etc. and its old town i.e. Old Bern is also listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.


It is the second most-populated city in Switzerland which is also the base of the world’s largest organizations like World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank and the largest United Nations. Apart from organizations, it has also important historical sites, fancy hotels, and boutiques and so much. It is the most expensive city in Switzerland, then our Switzerland tour packages will really will help you.


Lugano can be found in the south part of the Switzerland which is famous for a healthy climate. This city is on the glacial lake Lugano, which is covered by mountains. Its good weather is perfect for the residents. There is so much to see here like San Salvatore, Ciona and Carona Church, San Grato botanical garden, etc.

Things to do in Switzerland

Only exploration is not enough, there is so much in Switzerland that will help you to make your Switzerland holidays more wonderful. These activities are:

Explore the Swiss Alps

Any bucket list cannot be completed without Swiss Alps. Visitors can explore its Swiss National Park which is also the only national park in the country. It is the best place for hikers with large hike trails to connects to the hidden places and so much.

Visit the Matterhorn

Matterhorn is not only a mountain but also the heart of Swiss Alps. Visitors can visit the mountain from the Zermatt village and their perfect reflection in the Lake Riffelsee.

Take a Swiss Train Tour

Not only for mountain, Switzerland is also famous for successful and large train network. These trains not only transfers you to one place to another but also offers you unique and scenic experiences. For example, you can take the Glacier express to the heart of the Swiss Alps within 8-hour time duration. You can enjoy visiting mountains rich in snow, beautiful valleys, and historic Alpine rural areas.


As there are various places in the world which are famous for paragliding, but they cannot beat the Switzerland. Paragliding in Switzerland is the most amazing experience due to the height of its mountains. Some famous places for paragliding are Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, and Zermatt.

Try Swiss Chocolate and Cheese

Any Switzerland itinerary cannot be completed without tasting Swiss Chocolate and cheese. Switzerland has various food experience for everyone with its diverse food culture.

Choose one of our best Switzerland holiday packages and get to this dreamy destination at the best prices by The Travel Makers. Call +971-4256-2434 and start your tour now.

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