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United Kingdom (UK) Tour Packages

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United Kingdom (UK) Tour Packages From Dubai

History and modernity have always been the best combination and if this combination is found at any destination, then don’t miss the chance to get there. Yes, The Travel Makers has also such a destination i.e. United Kingdom (UK). UK destination with a combination of history & modernity and can be shown with the ancient monuments and modern cities with new-designed architectural towers. It doesn’t matter whether you visit Hanover streets, Edinburgh Castle, or any vibrant city like England, Scotland, etc. in the UK… each one will mesmerize your heart and provide the chance to spend the best holiday here. To start your beautiful trip, contact The Travel Makers for United Kingdom Tour packages and explore the amazing blend of this destination. Our UK tour packages from Dubai have all you need to make your trip affordable as well as worthwhile. Get ready to begin by calling +971-4256-2434 and begin your amazing trip with the best travel agency in Dubai.

If you are living outside Delhi, The Travel Makers also have UK tour packages from UAE having flights from different parts of UAE like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, and Umm Al Quwain. Get in touch with the Travel Makers and don’t miss the chance to have your customized UK tour package.

United Kingdom Tour Packages from Dubai

Package Price Duration
Best of Great Britain AED 8,700 7 nights – 8 days
Amazing United Kingdom Scotland & Ireland Combo Tour AED 9,999 8 nights - 9 days
Classic United Kingdom Tour Package AED 6,789 5 nights – 6 days

Best time to Visit the United Kingdom (UK)

Is the UK calling you…. but don’t know when to visit?

Before heading to the UK, it is important to research what is the best time to visit. But the UK is an exception…. Your best time to travel to the UK totally depends on your choice. The United Kingdom is full of different experiences in different seasons. You can also say that it is an all-year-round destination. The summers may be warm and the winters may be full of snow. To deal with these choose the ideal time of spring and autumn seasons that fall between March to June and September to November. In these periods, you may find beautiful spring flowers, and changing color of leaves.

How to reach the United Kingdom?

UK top cities like London, Edinburgh, Bath, Cambridge, etc. can be reached by flight. Flights are the most comfortable way to travel and they also play a major role when we need to cover a long distance of 4843 km. Several direct and layover flights by airlines like Emirates, Royal Brunei Airlines, Qantas Airlines, Iberia Airlines, British Airways, etc. cover the distance from UAE to the UK within 10-14 hours. You may find the flights prices high so it is suggested to book in advance. Contact The Travel Makers for last-minute tickets and get affordable rates for your venture.

UK Visa from UAE

As per the new guidelines, from 22 February 2024, UAE citizens can explore the UK without having any tourist visa for up to a period of 6 months. To get an enjoyable vacation, the UAE citizen must apply for electronic authorization. Citizens can apply online and there is no need for documentation. For more details, don’t forget to get in touch with The Travel Makers.

Best places to visit in the UK

The vibrant cities, museums, and historical places are the major attractions in the UK and each has its own uniqueness. Let us check for these places to visit in the UK with the Travel Makers.

1) London

There is no doubt that it is a major and must-visit city in the UK with lots of beautiful architecture, vibrant places, and culture. Its modern spirit attracts lots of visitors every year. Some top places to visit in London are Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, etc. which are perfect to make the UK a dream-come-true destination.

2) Edinburgh

This city in Scotland is another gem in the UK with lots of extinct volcanoes and rocky crags, and so much more that add more to its beauty. This magical city was once an inspiration for Harry Potter and its Old Town has rich history. You can discover lots of museums, exhibitions, art galleries, and other top attractions in this area.

3) Glasgow

This is another jewel in Scotland that is also no less from top places to visit and things to do. This city is undoubtedly capable of making you say “Wow” with Glasgow Necropolis, Pollok Country Park, Kelvingrove Art Gallery, and Museum, People’s Palace and so much more.

4) Tower of London

The London City and the Tower of London must not be missed from your UK tour packages. The Tower was once considered a prison from the 11th century to the 12th century but now it is home to the British Crown Jewels. The tower is also popular as the most haunted place in England and so many horror stories have been inspired like the tales of Anne Boleyn, Henry VI, Lady Jane Grey, and many more.

5) The Stonehenge

Any history lover must read about The Stonehenge. It is an excellent prehistoric monument which is all over the world. It is believed that this historic place was made in 3100 B.C.E. and is also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Things to do in the United Kingdom

Just visiting is not enough in the UK. To make your trip memorable, consider these things to do in the UK. These things are:

1) Visit Central London

Any list of exploring just “The London” is incomplete. Start from The Tower of London to Covent Garden and get the true magic of London attractions. There are other historical places and sites like Oxford Street and the Shard are enough to make your trip worthwhile.

2) Walk around the Cotswolds

It is sure that you don’t want to miss capturing the photos of rolling hills and British villages. Choose the Cotswolds in the southern part of England which is one the prettiest regions in the UK. You can easily spend a few days exploring Medieval market regions, beautiful gardens, and historical country houses.

3) Explore Lake District

It is one of the most popular regions in the UK for outdoor adventures. It is in the north part of England which is full of natural wonders like Scafell Pike, and other 16 lakes. This place organizes more than 500 events every year including music festivals and guided tours.

4) Explore Oxford and Cambridge

If you are in London, you can’t miss these popular universities. These universities have former alumni like Charles Darwin and Oscar Wide. Visitors also embrace its Medieval architecture and also walk through the canals in Cambridge. Oxford has also the second largest library in the UK i.e. Bodleian Library.

5) Visit Medieval Forts and Castles

As in the UK, Ireland has lots of grand houses and ancient castles providing truly magical histories. You can head to Kilkenny which is a 12th-century fortress and take you back to the time of Norman Conquest.

To get rich from the United Kingdom, call +971-4256-2434 and start your trip with the best assistance of Travel Makers and their United Kingdom Tour Packages from Dubai

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