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Sri Lanka Tour Packages

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With two nicknames i.e. Pearl of the Ocean and Teardrop of India, Sri Lanka is probably a beautiful destination due to its incredible beauty, biodiversity, and precious gemstones. Besides its vibrating culture, sandy beaches, and delicious food, Sri Lanka is a top popular place for tourism that must be added to your bucket list. Sri Lanka is an island country in the Southern part of Asia continent and is located in the Indian Ocean near the coast of India.

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Besides Dubai, our Sri Lanka tour packages from UAE also provide customized itinerary tours from different parts of the UAE like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah.

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Best time to visit Sri Lanka

This island country located in the southern part of Asia faces two weathers i.e. summer and monsoon which ranges from December to April and May to November respectively. Overall Sri Lanka experiences these two seasons in two different areas one-by-one that is why there are two best times to visit Sri Lanka.

In detail, from the months of December to April is best to visit the South-West and the months from May to November are ideal for the northeast part of Sri Lanka. The monsoon in the South-west part is called Yala and the monsoon in the North-east part of Sri Lanka is known as Maha.

How to reach Sri Lanka from Dubai?

The main airport of Sri Lanka i.e. Bandaranaike International Airport is in Colombo and receives almost 136 flights from Dubai International Airport weekly. These flights cover a distance of 3289 km within 6 to 7 hours. Some airlines like Emirates, Flydubai, Sri Lankan Airlines, and many more offer direct flights to Sri Lanka and cover the distance in the quickest time in 4 to 5 hours without any layover.

Places to visit In Sri Lanka

This Pearl country in the Indian Ocean has so much to offer to tourists with its top places to visit. These places are:

Colombo: This capital city of Sri Lanka has a mixture of modernity and history. This city is on the western coast of Sri Lanka and has colonial architecture, lovely markets, and calm lakes. It was earlier known as Ceylon and the financial & commercial capital of Sri Lanka. It is a dream destination for tourists who want to explore the wonders of this tropical place.

Sri Jayawardenepura: Sri Jayawardenepura is the legislative or we can say the administrative capital of Sri Lanka. This city provides a unique experience with modernity & cultural gems and has everything from museums to rich local markets. Some places to explore in Sri Jayawardenepura are Diyatha Uyana, Beddagana Park, Gangaramaya Temple, Diyasaru Park, Diyawanna Lake, etc.

Kandy: It is one of the major cities in Sri Lanka which is in the center of the nation. This city is full of greenery and cultural gems, such as the sacred Temple of the Tooth, and can be visited with the Sri Lanka tour packages.

Jaffna: Jaffna is another city in Sri Lanka full of cultural places such as lovely markets, historical temples, and the famous Jaffna Port. It was the capital of the Tamil Kingdom which is why you can also find Tamil culture characteristics and also try delicious traditional food.

Anuradhapura: It is an ancient city of Sri Lanka that was popular for its historical and cultural places. Earlier, it was the capital of the Anuradhapura kingdom, and also the center of Buddhism and Civilisation. With the Sri Lanka holiday packages, you can explore the Bo Tree, Ruwanwelisaya, and, Lovamahapaya which are some of the best sacred places in Anuradhapura.

Things to do in Sri Lanka

Besides the historical and cultural gems, Sri Lanka has so many other things to offer to tourists. Some of the best things to do in Sri Lanka are:

Water Activities: Due to its location in the Indian Ocean, this country is no less from water activities like yachting, canoeing, speed boat riding, paramotoring, parasailing, jet skiing and so much more. With your customized Sri Lanka tour package you can also explore the mangrove forests and take a boat ride too.

Whale Watching: Whale watching is one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka that must be added to your Sri Lanka package. Because of the nearby location of the Indian Ocean, whale watching is a common activity in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a large population of whales with different species like Pilot Whale, Killer Whale, and the Bryde’s Whale.

Wildlife Safari: With lots of parks, Sri Lanka provides various chances to take part in wildlife safaris. While touring to parks, you will get to see animals like sambar, leopards, elephants, and, purple-faced langur. The best place for a wildlife safari is Yala National Park.

Camping: For a diverse experience apart from water activities, Sri Lanka also provides opportunities to take part in camping. You can camp out in the forest at night and cheer yourself with the song of birds and try delicious food by the campfire. The forests are full of freshwater lakes, ravines, pools, and vegetation.

Hot Air Balloon Ride: This activity in the Sri Lanka tour packages will get the most out of your trip. This thrill-filled activity will provide you with a magical view of Sri Lanka.

Don’t wait to have the best Sri Lanka tour with the top Sri Lanka packages by The Travel Makers. Start your fabulous tour now by calling +971-4256-2434.

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