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Journeys become tales to treasure when experienced with family

How about taking your family on holiday in Turkey??? This interesting destination has something for every type of traveler. Whether you choose to explore historical sites & museums, immerse yourself in nature, eat delicious food, or enjoy a picnic at the soft sandy beaches, there is no doubt that Turkey is an ideal choice. There is no lack of beautiful attractions or activities for your perfect family holiday. During your planning for a family holiday in Turkey, there would be lots of things to consider. If budget is your concern, then The Travel Makers is here for you. Get one of the best Turkey family tour packages with The Travel Makers for an organized holiday tour to Turkey with family. For more assistance, get in touch with our travel experts at +971-4256-2434 and also book your perfect Turkey Tour Packages for your family.

Top Turkey Family Tour Packages

Package Price Duration
Astonishing Turkey Family Package AED 1,030 3 Days / 2 Nights
Turkey For An Amazing Family Holiday AED 2,475 7 Days / 6 Nights
Wonderful And Memorable Turkey Trip AED 3,490 10 Days / 9 Nights

Best time to visit Turkey with Family

To spend a pleasant time in Turkey with family, it is best to consider the summer season from May to October. Especially, months from June to August are very hot with ranging temperatures from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. But still, it does not have so much effect while being at beach locations. In the other parts of Turkey, you may also find mild temperatures during spring and winter. In these periods you and your family can enjoy various facilities even in the resort. So, get ready for your Turkey family trip with lots of fun and enjoyment.

Family-Friendly Destinations in Turkey

Turkey's tourist attractions are rich and popular among tourists for vacation. Whether you have already visited or not….. these destinations will provide you with a unique experience every time. Some of the best places to visit in Turkey with family are:

  • Istanbul:
    To start your Turkey family tour, Istanbul is the best option. This lively city is rich in history and it has so many places to explore. It had been the capital city of 3 empires (The Roman, Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire). So you can find lots of historical palaces, mosques, churches, old bazaars, cobbled streets, and so much more.
  • Antalya:
    It is the resort capital of Turkey near the Mediterranean coast. Antalya also faces the same temperatures as same as in the other parts of the nation. The main attraction of this city is its beach resorts. It has hundreds of hotels and resorts near the coastline. You can choose among appropriate resorts for your family holiday by getting assistance from our experts at +971-4256-2434.
  • Cappadocia:
    If your family wants a historical trip then, of course, Cappadocia is a perfect option. The famous part about Cappadocia is that it has fairy chimneys that have existed for more than thousands of years and the unique thing is people are also living in these chimneys for centuries. This city also featured some underground cities. While being in Cappadocia, you can’t miss riding on a hot air balloon over the fairy chimneys. Going high and witnessing the wonderful Turkey is a can’t-miss experience.
  • Alacati:
    This destination in the heart of the Aegean coast is a picture-perfect destination for your family trip to capture lots of beautiful sceneries in your camera as well as in your heart. Generally, it is left off from the itineraries of Turkey tour packages, but The Travel Makers has included this place as well to provide one-of-a-kind options with some more options. It is a cool and classy city where you may find Greek stone-style buildings and architecture. Its cobblestone streets are full of flowers, cute cafes, restaurants, and boutique hotels that add more charm to the town.
  • Akyaka:This destination in the southern Aegean Sea is also a can’t-miss destination that families with kids, babies, and toddlers can enjoy. Its refreshing nature, sandy beach, and calm sea allow an easy walk around the seaside that adds lots of relaxing time to your holiday. You and your kids can admire the authentic architecture of traditional white houses with wooden decorations. Azmak River in Akyaka also streams incredibly with cold water even during summer.

Activities to enjoy in Turkey with Family

Turkey offers lots of activities to enjoy while exploring kids-friendly attractions. Some of the best activities for your family vacation in Turkey are:

  • Explore Rahmi Koc Museum:
    This museum was founded by one of the most respected families in Turkey with Rahmi Koc in 1994. This museum is dedicated to the history of transport, industry, and communications. It has a wonderful collection of trains, cars, buses, plains, engines, and submarines used at the time of World War 2. Children can enjoy various workshops and learn more about the transportation system in Turkey.
  • Ride on the Bosphorus Cruise:Most kids love to enjoy boat rides and if you are in Istanbul, then there is a chance of double enjoyment. Your family would love a beautiful boat ride passing through the historical monuments, and waterside villas and also enjoy soft drinks, tea coffee, fruits, and many more.
  • Get to the Legoland Theme Park:Apart from other locations in Istanbul, this theme park has featured more than 5 million bricks and offers chances to learn more activities. This beautiful theme park has a 4-D cinema, Kingdom Quest, attractive workshops, and more fun things. This park is mostly crowded so you need to book in advance. For more details, call +971-4256-2434.
  • Explore the Istanbul Toy Museum:This toy museum in Turkish was founded by a famous Turkish poet in 2005. It has an exceptional collection of 4000 art pieces. This is a great destination for kids at age 6 to 18 to learn about the history of different cultures from the time of the 1860s.
  • Istanbul Aquarium:Children mostly love to interact with animals and in Istanbul, this aquarium is an ideal option. This Istanbul Aquarium is home to more than 1500 species of 17000 sea and land creatures which will make this adventure more amazing. Its design theme from the Black Sea to the Pacific is also incredible. You with your family can easily spend a whole day exploring the Istanbul Aquarium. This has also featured some kid-friendly activities like playing interesting games and watching movies with innovative technology.

Choose your ideal package from various Turkey family tour packages by the Travel Makers and embark on your family trip which makes your family bond stronger. Get in touch with our travel experts at +971-4256-2434 and let your kids enjoy a perfect family tour with lots of fun and enjoyment.

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