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The Maldives is known to be an amazing destination where tropical paradise dreams come true. This beautiful archipelago in the Indian Ocean is recognized for its rich natural beauty and calm atmosphere. The resorts in this haven are most beautiful including calm water villas to seaside resorts. You can interact with the nearby locals and explore markets, mosques, and cafes. You can also try traditional Maldivian food and Maldivian sweets. Maldives has everything for everyone, whether anyone looking for a romantic honeymoon, adventurous watersports, or a relaxing escape. Find the beauty of the islands with 50% off on حزم جولات جزر المالديف by The Travel Makers to long-lasting create memories.

Find yourself in the amazing beauty of this tropical paradise, where the soft-sandy beaches meet blue oceans. We offer our carefully created باقة رحلات جزر المالديف including all-inclusive benefits that you need for a convenient and wonderful experience. Also, you can get tips for choosing a Maldives resort to guarantee a beautiful and affordable vacation. We will also show how you can save money in Maldives resorts without compromising quality and luxury. Check for the Best party resorts in the Maldives for a memorable time. Whether you are looking for a romantic, adventure, or relaxation escape, The Travel Makers is here to guide you to the haven.

We have our carefully designed all-inclusive Maldives holiday packages that will take you to the best places to visit the paradise on Earth. Take a Maldives trip from Dubai and enjoy this tropical getaway for a lifetime experience. Our carefully selected cheap Maldives packages from Dubai enable you to enjoy the beauty of the Maldives without compromising luxury or quality.

For couples, we have our best Maldives couple packages to give you a personalized vacation to the beautiful island of the Maldives looking for an amazing escape. The question arises, Why do couples go to the Maldives? With its blue oceans, beautiful beaches, and calm atmosphere, Maldives provides a getaway for personalized experiences. The Travel Makers promises an amazing vacation filled with luxury, love, and relaxation with carefully created honeymoon packages from Dubai to the Maldives.

For couples, we also offer a Maldives couple package from Dubai to give a personalized getaway to this beautiful island. The question arises why do couples go to the Maldives? In the Maldives, couples can get amazing views of blue oceans, beautiful beaches, and a calm atmosphere for their perfect honeymoon. We ensure you the best vacation ever filled with love, luxury, and relaxation with our expertly designed honeymoon packages from Dubai to the Maldives.

We have everything included in our Maldives packages from Dubai from flights to hotel accommodations for an easy travel experience. Many popular airlines such as Emirates, Etihad Airways, and FlyDubai offer flights from Dubai to Maldives. You can get a genuinely Magical Maldivian experience with جزر المالديف tour packages from Dubai.

The Travel Makers offers a large selection of Maldives tour packages including 4-day Maldives tour packages, 5-day Maldives tour packages, and 7-day Maldives tour packages to make your every Maldives trip a memorable experience. We have our best-selling Maldives tour packages to meet every desire of the traveler. Reach out at +971-4256-2434 to organize your wonderful journey today!

We have our best Maldives family packages to visit family-friendly destinations in the Maldives. You can find beautiful beaches, coral gardens, and warm hospitality to make your family vacation in the Maldives the best time of your life. Even if you are traveling first time with family, we have our expert tips for the perfect first-time vacation to this dream getaway.

You can begin your journey also from UAE. We also offer chances to get to the Maldives from UAE. Let the Travel Makers with its Maldives tour packages start anywhere from UAE.

Best Places to Visit in the Maldives


Male, the vibrant capital of Maldives, is a place with a combination of traditional and modern infrastructures. Travelers visit Maldives for its several mosques, temples, and museums, or they can also take boat trips to the nearby islands.

Major Attractions:

  • Grand Friday Mosque: This mosque is located in Maldives known for its beautiful architecture and Islamic art.
  • Male Fish Market: This place in Maldives where visitors can learn about the local fishing industry and how to buy fresh seafood.
  • National Museum: Maldives National Museum includes a huge collection of ancient equipment such as royal attires, weapons, and manuscripts.
  • Sultan Park: This park with calm surroundings in the heart of Male, provides stunning gardens and the memories of the old Royal Palace.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Hulhumale: Hulhumale is a boat trip away with its beautiful beaches and water activities.
  • Villimale: This destination in Maldives offers an opportunity to visit Maldivian local life.


Hulhumale is known as a man-made island and is also home to various resorts, restaurants, and stores. It is considered the best place for relaxation on the beach, to go swimming, or to participate in water activities.

Major Attractions:

  • Hulhumale Beach: This beach in Hulhumale is perfect for swimming and relaxing.
  • Hulhumale Mosque: Hulhumale mosque offers a calm atmosphere with its beautiful architectural design.
  • Central Park: This popular park in Hulhumale offers its best to visitors with its lavish greenery, jogging paths, and playgrounds for children.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Male: The capital of Maldives near the Hulhumale is a boat trip away location offering a variety of attractions and activities.
  • Baros Island: Baros Island is known for its luxurious facilities, beautiful coral reefs, and underwater activities.


This is the most famous tourist destination in the Maldives known for its beautiful seaside, clear waters, and charming nightlife. Visitors can take part in snorkeling, diving, surfing, or just relax on the beach and enjoy sunbathing.

Major Attractions:

  • Bikini Beach: This is the famous and isolated beach area where tourists can enjoy relaxation, or take part in various water sports.
  • Snorkeling and Diving spot: Maafushi has diverse coral reefs, which offer various opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Local Island Experience: Tourists can experience the culture and try traditional Maldivian food.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Gulhi Island: This island located near Maafushi is famous for its calm surroundings and perfect beaches, ideal for relaxing.
  • Biyadhoo Island: Biyadhoo Island located near the Maafushi is famous for its several snorkeling and diving locations, to explore rich marine life.

Vaavu Atoll

This Atoll is the home to the famous Vaadhoo Beach known for bioluminescent plankton. Tourists can take part in snorkeling, diving, and fishing in the clear water of the island.

Major Attractions:

  • Alimatha Island: This popular island resort in Vaavu Atoll is popular for its beautiful beaches, shining waters, and Fotteyo Kandu diving site.
  • Night Snorkeling with Nurse Sharks: Tourists can take part in snorkeling with nurse sharks and other water creatures.
  • Dive Sites in Vaavu Atoll: This site is famous for Scuba Diving options due to beautiful coral reefs and rich marine life.

Nearby Attractions:

  • South Male Atoll: The nearest location to Vaavu Atoll is South Male Atoll with expensive resorts, dive locations, and beautiful seaside locations.

Raa Atoll

Raa Atoll is known as an isolated atoll famous for deserted islands. This can be an excellent spot to get away from the crowd and have a peaceful time. Tourists can take part in some water sports such as diving, swimming and fishing.

Major Attractions:

  • Meedho Island: Meedho Island in Raa Atoll is famous for its natural beauty, traditional fishing style, and strong cultural history.
  • Moresby Tomb: This historical tomb located in Raa Atoll gives a glimpse of the region's ancient story.
  • Scenic Seaplane Flights: As this atoll is known for its strong cultural history, provides amazing views of the atoll and its nearby locations.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Baa Atoll: Located southwest of Raa Atoll, it is famous for the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Hanifaru Bay, and luxurious resorts.

Things to do in Maldives

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Scuba diving and Snorkeling are the most famous water activities in the Maldives. The clear waters and rich marine life make Maldives a perfect destination for experiencing the underwater world. There are various famous places in the Maldives for Scuba diving and Snorkeling such as:

  • Baa Atoll: famous for marine life, snorkeling with manta rays and whale sharks.
  • North Male Atoll: famous for coral reefs, rich marine life, and underwater tunnels.
  • Ari Atoll: famous for clear water, diverse marine life, and diving sites like Maaya Thila and Fish Head.

Overwater Bungalows

Whenever someone thinks about the Maldives, the image of Overwater Bungalows first comes to mind. These luxurious villas built above the sea offer amazing views of the ocean. Some of the overwater bungalows also include dive pools for the perfect relaxing atmosphere. Visitors can experience this atmosphere at many places in the Maldives such as:

  • Conrad Maldives Rangali Island: famous for direct lake view access from the villa.
  • Soneva Fushi: famous for private pools and retractable roofs for sunbathing.
  • Gili Lankafushi: famous for its spacious and eco-friendly overwater villas with direct views of beaches and clear waters.

Sunbathing and Swimming

The Maldives is also known as an unwinding and relaxing spot. Many resorts in the Maldives provide dedicated and suitable swimming areas protected from the waves. Here are some best locations for Swimming and Sunbathing:

  • Veligandu Island Beach: includes beautiful and quiet beaches with white sand and blue waves, perfect for swimming and sunbathing.
  • Maafushi Island Beach: includes a public beach with calm waves ideal for relaxing.
  • Cocoa Island Beach: offers a peaceful atmosphere for sunbathing with soft sand and clear waters.

Island Hopping

There are more than 1000 islands in the Maldives, with various options for Island Hopping. Visitors can visit islands and get familiar with the local food, and culture and also find a place to relax. Here are some most famous Maldives Islands:

  • Hulhumale Island: famous island located near Male's capital city of the Maldives and can be your starting point for island hopping with direct access to the neighborhood islands.
  • Fuildhoo Island: small island located near the Vaavu Atoll lets the visitors experience the true Maldivian livelihood during island hopping.
  • Maafushi: island located near South Male Atoll allows visiting the inhabited and deserted islands.

Dolphin Watching

Dolphins are known as the most intelligent creatures on the earth and are commonly found in the Maldives. Travelers can get up close and even swim with them. Here are some best islands for Dolphin Watching:

  • Dhigurah Island: famous for dolphin-watching.
  • South Ari Atoll: famous for the most common dolphin population.
  • Maafushi Island: famous for the variety of dolphin watching and adventures.


The most common water activity in the Maldives is fishing. Adventurers can find diverse species of fish including tuna, marlin, wahoo, etc. Many of the resorts offer deep-sea fishing adventures. Here are some best locations for fishing:

  • Male Atoll: famous for multiple fishing options such as traditional line fishing and big game fishing.
  • North Ari Atoll: famous for fishing options like night fishing, and deep-sea fishing with the chance to catch tuna, wahoo, and other fish species.
  • Huvashoo Atoll: famous for many fishing areas and options to catch various fish species like sailfish and marlin.




Maldives Tour Package



Incredible Maldives Tour Package

3 Nights / 4 Days

AED 2,194

Dreamy Maldives trip at Furaveri Island Resort & Spa

5 Nights / 6 Days

AED 2,747

Maldives Couple Package

4 Nights / 5 Days

AED 2,610

Top Hotels in the Maldives

Cheapest Hotels

Arena Beach Hotel

This beachside hotel on Maafushi Island offers low-price rooms and villas with ACs, TVs, fridges, and a garden. This Island also has facilities like an outdoor pool, an international restaurant, and a water sports center for various water activities such as diving, snorkeling, and many more.

Kaani Hotels and Spa

This cheap Maafushi island provides spacious balconies and ocean views, with a pool for relaxation. This island also offers multi-food restaurants and a bar for dining with a spa and massage treatments.

Cora Cora Maldives

This relaxing island resort covered with greenery is located on Coco Palm Bodu Hithi. There are two types of Villa facilities offered by Cora Cora Maldives i.e. Superior Villas and Water Villas. Superior villas offer private balconies for rain showers and views of the garden or beach. In contrast, Water Villas offers glass flooring over the lake and pool. This also includes an overwater restaurant and water sports center.

Paradise Island Hotel

This hotel located on Lankanfinolhu Island offers affordably priced rooms with views of the lagoon and the beach, LCD TVs, mini-fridges, etc. There are also Deluxe rooms with extra space, a large outdoor pool, a restaurant, and easily accessible water sports gear water sports.

Sandy Beach Hotel

The hotel located in Maafushi offers various facilities, with its Garden View Bungalows and Beachfront Bungalows. These Bungalows offer amenities like on-site restaurants, a water sports center, etc.

Luxurious Hotels

JOALI Maldives

This 5-star island resort is famous for its Villas. It offers both Beach Villas and Water Villas including private beaches, infinity pools, fine-dining restaurants, a direct view of the lake from its balcony, and full-service spas.

Antara Kihavah Maldives

This resort offers luxurious overwater and beachside facilities such as private pool villas on the beach, an infinity pool with a bar, international cuisine restaurants, and various options for water activities.

JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa

This 5-star island resort combines both luxury and sustainable design structure. It provides pools and restaurants serving delicious local food and an educational center for marine life discovery. Here, the beach and overwater villas are made with local materials but equipped with modern facilities such as glass floors and private balconies for calm views.

Soneva Fushi

It is a luxurious and eco-friendly resort offering various Water Retreats including lake view access and Beach retreats with outdoor bathrooms and pools. This resort is covered with rich greenery and offers rewarded dining options, a spa, and an isolated island away from crowds.

Milaidhoo Island Maldives

This is a small resort with 50 pool villas on the island and covered over the water. Small Villas at this resort are decorated naturally in a unique manner and offer excellent facilities, including dining restaurants, spa treatments, a dive school, and a water sports center.

Transportation Options in Maldives

  • Taxi: Taxi is a very famous and convenient mode of transportation in the Maldives. Taxi services can be found in all Male big cities and hotels.
  • Bus: This means of transport is less expensive than taxis, and they are also slower and sometimes do not arrive on time.
  • Cycle: This transportation service is the best for getting around the Maldives islands due to its reasonable prices.
  • Ferry: Ferries are also the cheapest means of transportation within the Maldives islands. They are slow and frequently crowded.
  • Speedboat: Speedboats are the most expensive and fastest option compared to ferries. If you want to visit an island but not accessible by ferry, a speedboat would be a better choice.
  • Yachts: Yachts are also the best to travel between the islands in the Maldives and can help to create a memorable trip.
  • Maldivian Dhoni: Dhonis refer to the boats made of wood and used for fishing and transportation in the Maldives. If you want a trip rich in Maldivian culture, then the Maldivian Dhoni is an excellent choice.
  • Seaplane: The most luxurious and stylish way to go to the Maldives is the seaplane. This mode of transportation offers excellent views and quick travel to the resort.
  • Maldives Water Taxi: Maldives Water Taxi is a ferry service owned by the government that connects the capital city Male to other islands in the Maldives.

Visa Requirements for Maldives

Find out whether you can enter maldives without a visa or with a visa. Just call +971-4256-2434 and get to know the cost and essential details on necessary documents for the Maldives visa from Dubai.

What is the best time for a Maldives trip?

The best time of year to visit Maldives is November to April. This time is perfect because of less rain, less humidity, and bright sunshine. However, it is a peak season, so there can be higher costs and more crowds. The off-season falls from May to October including maximum rain showers, lower prices, and fewer visitors. If you like water activities like snorkeling and diving, then the peak season provides you with lots of chances to see marine life.

How to Reach Maldives from Dubai?

The flight time from Dubai International Airport (DXB) to Maldives Airport i.e. Velana International Airport (MLE) is about 4 hours and 30 minutes. Many airlines offer direct flights on this route such as Emirates, Etihad, Sri Lankan Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines. Choose low-cost airlines such as AirAsia or FlyDubai for more budget-friendly options.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions flighicn

Is Maldives affordable for a tourist holiday?

The Maldives is a luxury vacation destination, so it could be costly, especially if you stay in a high-end resort. However, there are methods to save money, such as living in a guesthouse or apartment, cooking your own meals, and taking advantage of free activities like snorkeling and swimming.

Is it legal to drink alcohol in Maldives?

Yes, alcohol is legal in the Maldives, but only in specific locations, such as resorts and hotels catering to tourists. Alcohol is not permitted in public places or on local islands, where the majority of the Maldivian population resides.

When is the weekend in Maldives?

In the Maldives, the weekend is usually on Fridays and Saturdays. The working week begins on Sunday and ends on Thursday.

Which are the best places to visit in Maldives?

Some of the top places to visit in Maldives include Male, the capital city, where you can explore historic buildings and street markets. Additionally, popular tourist sites include the magnificent white-sand beaches and crystal-clear oceans of islands such as Baa Atoll, Ari Atoll, and North Male Atoll. The Maldives also has outstanding snorkeling, diving, and marine life exploring options.

Is Maldives a safe place to travel?

The Maldives is usually regarded as a safe place to visit. The locals are warm and welcoming to visitors. However, it is always advisable to take common safety precautions, such as safeguarding personal belongings and being aware of your surroundings.

Is there a dress code in Maldives?

There is no specific dress code in the Maldives, although it is best to dress modestly, especially when visiting religious places. Men should wear long pants and sleeved shirts, and women should wear skirts or dresses that cover their knees.

What type of currency is primarily used in Maldives?

The Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) is the main currency of the Maldives. However, US dollars are widely accepted in resorts, hotels, and many tourist establishments. It is recommended to have some local cash in hand for transactions at local markets or when visiting non-touristy areas.

What are the food options available in Maldives?

The Maldives has a wide variety of culinary options, especially at resort locations. You can enjoy a variety of international cuisines, including Asian, European, and Middle Eastern dishes. Traditional Maldivian cuisines, such as Garudhiya (fish soup) and Mas Huni (shredded fish with coconut), are also suggested.

How can I check the flight status and schedule for my Maldives Flight?

To check the flight status and schedule for your Maldives flight, you can call +971-4255-3165. Our Customer service experts are available around the clock to solve any kind of concerns or issues. You will be provided with the most up-to-date information on your flight's status and schedule.

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