The budget plays an important role in any trip as our major things of the trip are dependent on the budget. Whether you choose flights, accommodations, transfers, living, visiting, or anything else.

The Maldives is known as a luxurious destination with its top services of resorts, water villas, and other accommodations. If you are up to making your Maldives trip as per your budget, contact us i.e. The Travel Makes, known as the best travel agency in Dubai. We offer the best Maldives tour packages from Dubai that include all the major things that are important to consider for the trip. In the blog, we will discuss these major factors of the trip that play an important role in making a budget trip.

Things to consider while making a budget Maldives trip

Consider booking earlier

If we talk about flights, it is important to consider booking the flights earlier. As the time comes close to the travel date, the price rises. But regardless of this issue, try to book flights to Maldives as early as possible. Try to book about 4-6 months before the travel date.

Choose off-peak time to visit Maldives

Another thing to consider is what time is best for visiting Maldives. Maldives is famous for its luxurious accommodations and if you want your trip on a budget, you can choose off-season time to visit the Maldives. During this time, the prices of resorts and hotel accommodations are lower. The off-peak season lies between May to November.

Staying Accommodation in the Maldives

The staying accommodation is also an important factor that must be focused on while planning a budget. Across the various islands, Maldives has different kinds of resorts. If you don’t want to get out of your budget, there are several budget-friendly resorts in the Maldives to choose from. Some of them are Arena Beach Hotel, Reethi Beach Resort, Blue Wave Hotel Maldives, etc.

Choose between Water villas or Beachfront villas

villa in the Maldives

In Maldives, some resorts have Water villas and some have Beachfront villas. If compare both, Water villas are more expensive than Beachfront villas as they are unique due to their maintenance. If you do not have any special preference to stay in Water villas, go for beachfront villas. If you still do not want to miss water villa services, you can split your stay with certain days. You can put your stay on alternate days, one night in the beachfront villa and another in the water villa.

Mode of transportation


Transportation in Maldives covers the major part of the trip. There are various transport services in Maldives like speedboats, seaplanes, ferries, and domestic flights. After reaching Maldives International Airport, some resorts offer different types of transportation services. These services are included in the all-inclusive packages and any changes can affect the overall budget of the trip. For instance, speedboats and seaplanes can cost you expensive while ferries will get you cheaper.

Food and Drinks

Maldives food

Food and Drinks are also can affect the budget for Maldives. A person who is a food lover will have to spend more on food and drinks. If you want to save this cost, choose the resorts that offer all-bundled or all-inclusive packages that include all your stay, transfers, and food prices. Here are some of the resorts, Lily Beach Resort & Spa, Soneva Fushi, Avani+Fares Maldives Resort, etc.

Water activities

Water activities

Most of the area of Maldives is surrounded by water and water bodies and they offer lots of activities to take part in. The best and only way to reduce the cost is to wisely choose water activities. Before taking part in any of the water activities, must know how much it would cost. If the activities include some equipment, try to bring your own. Always consider these factors while choosing any activity i.e. interests, budget, and experience. Other than water activities, there are some other non-water activities such as candlelit dinners, beach walking, try, etc. that can help you to make your savings

In conclusion, these 7 factors play a significant role in planning a budget trip to Maldives. Consider the above factors wisely and make your Maldives trip as per your budget. Afterward, get your personalized Maldives tour package that includes your selected resort and activity. For any further assistance, you can go through the Travel Makers customer support. So don’t wait, start your planning now….