Have you decided to visit Georgia? But do not know when to visit?

This blog will sort your query by providing detailed information about the different seasons in Georgia.

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Seasons in Georgia

Spring in Georgia – A season of natural beauty

Spring in Georgia

Spring Season at any destination always brings lots of greenery. If we talk about Georgia, its green valleys, landscapes, and high-peak mountains turn into a wonderland. During the Spring Season, the rains pass and the weather becomes warm and sunny. You can explore the main city (Tbilisi), enjoy the wonderful nature of Kutaisi, and trek in Svaneti. You can choose to visit Georgia at the end of this season when the snow melts and offers trails of hiking.

Temperature in Spring Season Months

  • March: – 12- 1.5 degrees Celcius
  • April: 19-7 degrees Celcius
  • May: 24-12 degrees Celcius

Things to do in the Spring Season

  • Attend sports events
  • Taste Georgian Dishes
  • Biking at mountain trails

Summer in Georgia – A relaxing time in Georgia

Summer in Georgia

During the summer season, Georgia becomes warm and dry. But still, you can find the lower temperature in the higher regions of the country. If you love hiking, you can visit Georgia’s several parts like Svaneti and Imerti, in July and August. Summer season in Georgia also organizes various concerts & and festivals like the Black Sea Jazz Festival (Near Batumi), Open Air Festival, and Art Gene Festival. It is the best time to explore the whole country, because other seasons may prevent you from exploring.

Temperature in Summer Season Months

  • June  – 28-16 degrees Celcius
  • July – 31-19 degrees Celcius
  • August – 31-19 degrees Celcius

Things to do in Summer Season

  • Explore historical monuments
  • Attend concerts and festivals
  • Relax at the beaches

Autumn in Georgia – A coverage of yellow-orange color in Georgia

Autumn in Georgia

As Autumn comes, Georgia starts getting cooling down. Autumn is generally taken as a wet season with different weather conditions. You can say that this season combines both cold and hot weather. In this season, tourists can enjoy hiking at the Black Rock Trail in Georgia and also relax at the sunny beaches. This time is the best for wine production in the Kakheti region. It is known that Georgia is a wine-producing country since 8000 years ago.

Temperature in Autumn Season Months

  • September – 26-14.5 degrees Celcius
  • October – 20-9 degrees Celcius
  • November – 13-4 degrees Celcius

Things to do in Autumn

  • Take a road trip
  • Try Georgian Wine
  • Hike at the Mountain trails

Winter in Georgia – A Winter Wonderland of Georgia

Winter in Georgia

If we talk about the winter in Georgia, then winter turns Georgia into a winter wonderland. Most of the cities feel the temperature is lower than 0 degrees. If you are a winter lover, you can visit most of the destinations covered with snow like Kazbegi, Guduari, etc. This season comes with lots of winter adventure activities like hiking, skiing, paragliding, etc.  You can visit Guduari ski resort for the best experience. Another option for skiing is Bakuriani which offers ski resorts.

Temperature in Winter Season Months

  • December – 8 – -1 degrees Celcius
  • January – 6 –3 degrees Celcius
  • February – 8  – -1.5 degrees Celcius

Things to do in Winter Season

  • Take part in winter activities
  • Try spicy Georgian food
  • Go for hiking and camping

Hope this blog of different seasons in Georgia, guided you to choose the best time to visit this fascinating destination. Once you choose your time, don’t forget to get the Georgia tour package for the perfect and affordable trip.