best time to go to malaysia

When is the best time to go to Malaysia?

When a beautiful country such as Malaysia is full of culture, colourful views, unique culture, & delicious food, and offers lots of exciting adventures, it becomes difficult to choose when is the best time to go to Malaysia. But don’t worry, we at The Travel Makers has come up with this article to help you […]

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Things to know before going to Malaysia

Things to know before heading to Malaysia

In medical terms, there is a thought that prevention is better than cure…In the same way…there is another thought for a trip that is advanced and proper planning will help you with the best trip without any hassle and if talking about a trip to any international destination then these things become more crucial. In […]

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Travel Guide to Malaysia

An Overall Travel Guide to Malaysia

Culture and history always make a good combination. And when it finds to be together in Malaysia, then is there any need to look further??? Malaysia is a rich destination for different cultures, traditions, and languages.  Its diverse culture makes it one of the few countries with thousands of celebrations and festivals across the world. […]

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