In medical terms, there is a thought that prevention is better than cure…In the same way…there is another thought for a trip that is advanced and proper planning will help you with the best trip without any hassle and if talking about a trip to any international destination then these things become more crucial. In this article, we have listed some important things to know before going to Malaysia so that we get the best from the trip and enjoy it to the fullest. There is no doubt that the journey to Malaysia ensures that you have an exciting adventure full of colorful views, unique culture, and tasty food. International trips can also be more than the budget….so we at The Travel Makers have also sorted some best Malaysia tour packages for an organized trip with lots of exploration and activities. To get to know more about Malaysia tour packages and only about Malaysia, make a call at +971-4256-2434. Let’s get to the important things to consider before traveling to this cultural destination.


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Top travel tips before going to Malaysia

Malaysia Climate

If you are planning to be in Malaysia for a long time, then you may experience that there is a consistent temperature found around 27 degrees Celsius throughout the year. But some of the places may also be experienced with colder or warmer temperatures. It is not that the sun is so much harsh, but the humidity in this season will make feel a lot warmer. This season is best for wildlife as there also creates high chances of rainfall… so it is important to bring a rain jacket and a waterproof bag.

Two Regions in Malaysia

Rare people are aware that Malaysia has two regions, i.e. Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo. The thing that must be kept in mind is that these two regions are not connected and different from each other. While being in Malaysia, you may find Peninsular Malaysia has an urban side with the main cities featured. You can visit Petronas Towers and lots of beautiful temples while trying some delicious food. On the other hand, Malaysian Borneo is full of natural sights where you can enjoy diving at Sipadan, or climb Mount Kinabula. It is not like you can choose one from both, even you can select both for your Malaysian adventure. You just need to book cheap flights to Malaysia with The Travel Makers by calling +971-4256-2434.

Internet and Wi-Fi

Now the time, the Internet and Wi-Fi are the most important things to consider when you are at another location. If you are in Malaysia, then you don’t need to worry about it, you will find internet and free Wi-Fi everywhere in hotels, hostels, cafes, shopping malls, and airports. However, if you don’t want to use Wi-Fi, you can choose to buy a prepaid SIM card that would cost you around 20 to 50 MYR (the official currency of Malaysia: Malaysian Ringgit) as per the plan you choose.

Need Vaccinations

Traveling sometimes comes with sickness and that is why it is better to take some precautions. Depending upon where are you coming from, you may need vaccinations. It is strongly recommended to visit a travel clinic at least 6 months before your Malaysia trip.

Don’t Drink Tap Water

Apart from vaccinations, there is an important thing that must be considered to minimize the chances of getting sick avoid drinking tap water. Tap water in Malaysia is not safe to drink unless you filter it. You can purchase bottled water from every corner of the nation of about 0.5 to 1 liter. Most hotels, hotels, and guesthouses also offer filtered water facilities. You can easily fill your reusable water bottle.

Shopping at the edge

Make sure that you do not overpack your backpack or suitcase so that you can get the best from this shopping paradise. Rare people know that Malaysia and its capital city (Kuala Lumpur) is a shopping hub with lots of large malls. You will find it from branded shops to local stalls. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs for friends and family to keep as a memory of your memorable trip.

English – The Official Language

The official language in Malaysia is Malay, and it is also known as Bahasa Malaysia. It is found that Malaysia is a multicultural nation so it is common to hear different speaking languages such as Tamil, Mandarin, and absolutely English. You will also get to know that the tickets, signs, and food menu are in English.

Dress properly

Culture always comes with religion and while being at religious sites, it is often to follow some dress code. Depending upon the different religions, your knees and shoulders must be covered, and you have to take off your shoes before entering the place, and women must cover their heads with scarves. So make sure that you carry a few conservative clothes to dress according to the occasion.

Consider these travel tips before your trip and get lost in the wonders of Malaysia. Whether you traveling to Malaysia as a couple or with family, our diverse Malaysia honeymoon tour packages and Malaysia family tour packages will help you to get the best tour of your life. You just need to call +971-4256-2434 and your wonderful tour is now in your reach.