popular activities to do in Mauritius

Popular activities to do in Mauritius

Have you ever imagined what kind of activities are possible in a haven…..?? If not then why don’t to try a Mauritius trip? One can choose from various popular activities to do in Mauritius such as shopping, snorkeling, island hopping, tasting delicious food, and considering cultural exploration in the nation. This haven-like destination ranked top […]

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places to visit in mauritius

Top Places to Visit in Mauritius

The incredible beauty of Mauritius can’t be ignored and this African gem captures everyone’s heart. It doesn’t matter, whether you are traveling with family, solo, or as a couple, this paradise will never let you regret your decision and provide you with memorable Mauritius traveling time. There are lots of reasons in Mauritius to attract […]

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Best Places to Visit in Mauritius

The incredible beauty of Mauritius is impossible to ignore. This African country nested in the Indian Ocean captures every traveler’s heart. With plethora of best places to visit in Mauritius, there is no reason to refuse to explore this heaven. If you are also one of them and planning for a wonderful tour to this […]

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best time to visit Mauritius

What is the best time to visit Mauritius?

Because of its location in the tropics of the Southern Hemisphere, there is no doubt that Mauritius is an all-round destination that has everything for all types of visitors. That is why visiting Mauritius is dependent on an individual’s interests and preferences. If you are also planning to visit Mauritius then this guide to learn […]

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Mauritius travel guide

The Ultimate Mauritius Travel Guide

There is a thought for Mauritius that “Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and then heaven was made after Mauritius”. This came in presence because of Mauritius’ white sands, calm waters, and luxury. This paradise-like destination has so much for various kinds of travelers. Besides these luxurious features… Mauritius also attracts lots of tourists […]

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Transportation in Mauritius

A Guide to Transportation in Mauritius

There is no doubt that Mauritius is a vast destination in terms of exploration, but it is as small in terms of transportation. Most of the places can be easily covered through various means of transportation. Mauritius has lots of means of transportation like cars, taxis, and public transport. Let us go through the proper […]

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