Because of its location in the tropics of the Southern Hemisphere, there is no doubt that Mauritius is an all-round destination that has everything for all types of visitors. That is why visiting Mauritius is dependent on an individual’s interests and preferences. If you are also planning to visit Mauritius then this guide to learn best time to visit Mauritius will help you throughout your trip so that you can experience the most from this destination. Starting from sightseeing to eating meals, all activities are included in our Mauritius tour packages at The Travel Makers. For more details, call us at +971-4256-2434 and get ready for an adventure to create lots of memories.


Mauritius Tour Packages From Dubai

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Mauritius Tour Packages

The best time to visit Mauritius

This tropical destination is an all-year-round destination, but if you want to get the most from Mauritius, then choose to visit from May to December, when you find the weather is cool, dry, and sunny. Beach lovers can expect a great time at the best beaches in Africa, fresh seafood, and long Sundays. Even in winter, still, you can expect some warm sun rays. It is also suggested to avoid visiting from January to March which is a wet cyclone season.

Mauritius Temperature

In a year, Mauritius faces a mild tropical climate throughout the year. Mauritius mostly experiences pleasant and sunny weather. The nation has two seasons: summer which falls from November to April and winter which falls from June to September. The warmest months in Mauritius are January and February with temperatures reaching up to 29.2 degrees Celsius and the coolest months are July and August when the average temperature records as 16.4 degrees Celsius.

Here is the brief of temperatures in Mauritius all-around-year.

MonthAverage Maximum TemperatureAverage Minimum TemperatureHumidity

Visiting Mauritius: Best Months Guide

Let us take a brief overview of the best months to visit Mauritius

May: This month is the start of the winter season, but still you will find this month is vastly different in terms of winters in other places. The Mauritius temperature in May remains comfortable in the mid-range with some humidity. Accommodation is also low during this month which makes it the best season to go to Mauritius. During the evenings, visitors can enjoy a beautiful sunset with cool temperatures.

June: June becomes more cooler in Mauritius with some strong trade winds. This month is perfect for an avid kite surfer.

July: This is also one of the cooler months in Mauritius, but if you are looking for some possible weather then, it is good to head to the North region of the island.

August: August has milder temperatures with no rain. This month is best to stay on the west and north coast as the beaches are some away from the wind.

September: It is the time when the strong winds lay down and the temperature rises. This time is the start of the summer season and also a peak season. However, you will find, quiet beaches, good prices on flights, and lots of Mauritius tour packages.

October: It is the driest month recorded in Mauritius. This time is also a busy time with lots of population celebrating various events and festivals.

November: This month, the temperature rises with humidity also but the rainfall does not increase. It is a great time for scuba diving and you would get a chance to visit seasonal turtles like Hawksbill turtle and Green Turtle.

December: It is one of the Mauritius rainy months when the humidity levels also increase. The sea temperature feels normal when you can take part in water sports like scuba diving, windsurfing, and kayaking. 

Choose your preferred month to visit Mauritius and embark on a most worthwhile trip to this heaven-like destination. Make a call us at +971-4256-2434 to start your organized and amazing trip now.