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Switzerland Family Tour Packages

Switzerland can be defined in different words, different ways, offerings, and so much more. It has a perfect mixture of urbanity and nature which means it can offer various things to different kinds of visitors. But if we talk about family, what does it offer??? This is a popular tourist destination for couples, thrillers, and the whole family. It has lots of family-friendly activities and sightseeing attractions that are ideal to make your family trip worthwhile. If this wonderful destination is also on your family trip bucket list, then we at The Travel Makers are here to provide you with a perfect family trip to Switzerland with lots of fun and enjoyment. Get in touch with us at +971-4256-2434 and talk to our travel experts to get top Switzerland family tour packages for an organized Switzerland tour packages.

Best Switzerland Family Tour Packages

Package Price Duration Details
Book Austria And Switzerland Family Tour AED 4,715 9 Days / 8 Nights Interlaken(2D) - Lucerne, Switzerland (2D) - Salzburg (2D) - Vienna (3D)
Scintillating Switzerland Family Package AED 4,400 8 Nights / 9 Days Geneva (2D) – Interlaken (2D) - Lucerne, Switzerland (2D) - Zurich (3D)
Best-Selling Switzerland Family Packages AED 3,845 7 Days / 6 Nights Lucerne, Switzerland (2D) – Interlaken (2D) - Zurich (3D)

Best time to visit Switzerland with family

As a solo traveler, Switzerland can be visited any time throughout the year, as it has something to offer in every season. But in contrast, it is important to consider the best months to visit Switzerland with family. With family and kids, it is ideal to visit Switzerland during the summer season especially from June to August. This warm and sunny weather has lots of outdoor activities to enjoy. It is important to consider that these months also come with higher prices and crowds. So, you can also consider shoulder time, i.e. September, when it is less crowded. For more details, get in touch with The Travel Makers at +971-4256-2434.
Winter lovers can also enjoy exploring and skiing in the snow-covered Swiss mountains and taking part in other winter activities.

Family-friendly destinations in Switzerland

Switzerland has a plethora of family-friendly destinations that are perfect to make your Switzerland family trip memorable. Some of the family-friendly destinations in Switzerland are:

  • Interlaken:
    Interlaken is a perfect destination for your family trip with lots of hiking paths and lakeside things to do which can help you create great bonds between your family members. Some activities like canoeing and rafting can make your day and you can also try paddle boarding. Interlaken has also some beautiful parks for your family to visit such as Interlaken Adventure Park, Hohematte Park, and Jungfrau Park.
  • Zurich:
    This largest city is also one of our list of top family-friendly destinations in Switzerland. It features lots of things to do here like taking a wine tour and cruise on Zurich Lake. The best part of this destination is that it is one of the largest chocolate producers in the world. You can take your family on a chocolate-tasting tour and try delicious chocolates at Laderach, Sprungli, and Lindt.
  • Zermatt:
    Zermatt is home to the luxurious hotels of Switzerland in the middle of the natural beauty. This destination is perfect for every type of traveler. You can also take your family on a hiking trip to admire the wonderful trails. During winter, a family can have lots of fun and enjoyment with some snowy activities like snowboarding and skiing. This resort city is popular for its best skiing paths in the whole of Switzerland.
  • Lucerne:
    This vibrant city in the heart of the Swiss Alps is popular for photo-type views, history, and diverse cultural places. It is also a perfect place for kids with various places to see and things to do. The top attraction for families in Lucerne is the Swiss Museum of Transport which has everything from earlier used aeroplanes to boats, cars, and trains. Lake Lucerne is also a perfect place for kids to take part in outdoor adventures.
  • GrindelwaldThis lively village in the heart of the Swiss Alps is popular for its natural beauty and unlimited outdoor activities. Grindelwald is one of the must-visit destinations for families for an adventure-rich holiday. Grindelwald has a beautiful playground with outdoor games for kids. They can take a gondola ride to reach the top of Mount First, where they will try zip lining, and rope-park, and admire the beautiful mountain views.

Things to Do in Switzerland with Kids

Exploring places with family is not enough, for a worthwhile trip, it is also important to try different kids and other activities to make the best time in Switzerland. Some of the top things to do in Switzerland with kids are:

  • Walk on Themed trails:
    Ordinary hiking can be boring, so Switzerland has some themed trails like Toggenburg Klangweg which has various musical stations, and trampolines for an enjoyable hike.
  • Adventure Parks:Parks are the top priorities for kids and families. In general, there are lots of adventure parks with sledding and coaster slide options. While sledding, you can freely move through the metal half-pipes and control your speed with a handbrake. Coaster is also a wonderful activity for kids.
  • Swiss Food:There is no doubt that Switzerland is popular for its delicious chocolates, cheese, and top savory dishes for your families. Dishes in Switzerland are hearty and come with lots of options. One thing that foodies need to do is pick one of them to taste.
  • Kids-Friendly Museums:Adventure Parks and thrill slides are ordinary, Museums in Switzerland are also kids friendly with interactive exhibitions. Lindt Home of Chocolate and Luzern Transportation Museum are such examples of kids-friendly museums for adventurous and learning Swiss tours.
  • Indoor activities:If you have so young kids, then Switzerland has indoor playgrounds and activities within your resort. For example, some resorts in Zermatt have their indoor playgrounds.

Switzerland has so many family-friendly destinations and activities for your perfect family holiday. Choose one of the best Switzerland tour packages from The Travel Makers and get an organized Switzerland family tour with a plethora of adventures. Reach out to us at +971-4256-2434 and start your family trip now.

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