Culture is an important consideration in Europe… and lots of countries and cities have their tradition and customs. European culture including food, literature, and languages has a great impact all over the globe… but have you ever thought from what are the origin places of these cultures?? Then, don’t worry, in this article, we will discuss about some cultural destinations to visit in Europe by which most of the other regions of the world are influenced. We at the best travel agency in Dubai provide cultural trips to these destinations within your budget so that you can indulge in the various traditions and customs of Europe. To begin your tour, call The Travel Makers at +971-4256-2434, and get the best assistance from our experts to organize cultural trips at cheap prices.


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Cultural Destinations to visit in Europe

London, United Kingdom

Let us start our tour with one of the must-visit destinations in Europe i.e. London which is none other than full of heritage places, world-famous landmarks, and lovely culture. There are more than 791 cultural and historic activities to keep you busy with lots of choices and interests. It has also more than 235 museums & galleries and each has its different stories and uniqueness. Let us consider the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, The National History Museum, and many more which are home to wide collections of art, history, and culture across the world. You can head to lots of museums at affordable prices with the help of our travel experts. Their local guides will help get you to the different areas of the museums.

The British Museum

Berlin, Germany

Now, let us visit the second-best city to visit in Europe in terms of culture. With fewer than in London, there are 596 cultural activities in Berlin and 124 museums which are still impressive and enough to make your Europe cultural trip worthwhile. Germany, the home country of Berlin has almost 52 world heritage places that are popular for their impressive architecture and towns. These sites are worth getting a diverse cultural experience. The best thing about Berlin is that it is the most affordable city and can be accessible with the help of our best travel agency in Dubai.

Berlin Cathedral

Paris, France

The third-best place on our list is Paris, the capital of France. Paris provides 2 more cultural and historic activities compared to London i.e. 793. You can wander through the bohemian district of Montmartre, enjoy a cabaret show at Moulin Rouge, and explore the famous Louvre Museum. Features of Paris culture are incomplete without mentioning delicious food. There are lots of restaurants in Paris, from where you delight yourself with national and international food.

Louve Museum

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona ranks fourth with its lovely and diverse cultural features. This lively city of Spain is full of heritage places and has more than 780 cultural activities to take part in. It doesn’t matter what you choose in Spain, it is places like Sagrada Familia and other 92 museums like Museum Picasso and the modern Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, it is guaranteed that you will experience a little bit more.

Sagrada Familia

Prague, Czech Republic

This capital and largest city of the Czech Republic ranks fifth with its exceptional theatre show. If you are a theatre lover, its 371 shows will surely provide you with the best cultural experience across the Czech Republic. Prague’s National Theatre is popular for serving as the national monument of Czech history & art and organizing top shows from operas to ballets. There are also 493 cultural activities in Prague to take part in like exploring Prague Castle, UNESCO World Heritage sites, etc.

The National Theatre

Rome, Italy

This sixth-best city in terms of culture in Europe has the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites with 58 overall. Starting from the Roman Forum to Vatican City the Sistine Chapel attracts lots of visitors from all over the world. Apart from this, Rome has 783 cultural activities and 146 museums that play a major role in the culture of Rome. Other cities in Italy like Lisbon, Madrid, Frankfurt, and Vienna are also rich in diverse culture and allow travelers to immerse themselves in the art, heritage, and history.


These cities in Europe are full of cultural diversities and provide every time a unique experience to the visitors. To explore these cultural wonders, call +971-4256-2434 and get personalized assistance throughout the trip.