The festival of love, The Valentines’ Day is coming…..

If you and your partner also want to do some special on this Valentine, make visit to these top valentine destinations in Europe. It is the perfect time to celebrate your love and Europe is rich in romantic destinations, whether you talk about Paris, Venice, Prague or Bacelona, each place in Europe is ready to rewrite your love story.

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In this blog, we have listed some best valentine destinations in Europe for the perfect valentine trip.

Valentine Destinations in Europe

Venice, Italy


Venice is the best and magical city in Italy to spread love. It has large canals, bridges. Gondola rides, and romantic cobblestone streets which make the Venice a unique and magical city. Couples can take Gondola rides to get the spectacular view of the city. They can also enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the best restaurants in Venice. These restaurants are rich in traditional Italian & traditional dishes and savory desserts. At the end, Venice has something for everyone.

Paris, France


Any bucket list of Valentines’ day trip cannot be completed without Paris. Its marveleous Eiffel tower is the symbol of love. Its romantic surroundings and atmosphere attracts millions of couples not only at the time of Valentine but also all year around. In Paris, can enjoy the perfect view of the city from the highest of the Eiffel tower, they can capture beautiful sceneries from the Love Lock Bridge, they can walk through the banks of Seine river. Late evening, couples can enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the exquisite restaurants of the city.

Bucharest, Romania


Bucharest in Romania is a wonderful valentine’s city with top beautiful architectures, top selected restaurants, and lots of romantic activities. In Bucharest, the first thing you and partner can enjoy a relaxation day at Therme Bucharest. They can also get spa treatments and massages. They can explore the city’s amazing architectures like Romanian Athenaeum, the Old town and check for vibrant shops and restaurants. In the evening, they can get authentic dinner at Tuya Bucharest with traditional Romanian dishes in modern style. Overall, Bucharest has everything from sunrise to sunset.

Barcelona, Spain


It is one of the most popular Valentine’s day destination in Europe. This city is full of amazing architecture, delicious food, and vibrant nightlife. Couples can make their Valentine’s day more special by visiting these top attractions of Barcelona like Gaudi architecture, Park Guell, Sagrada Familia, etc. They can also walk through the narrow streets of Gothic Quarter, which is home to the lots of romantic bars and restaurants. Couple’s Valentine’s day can be more wonderful by spending some time at the isolated beaches of Barcelona. After this, they can also enjoy the famous dish Tapas with wine. To spend a sweet and memorable time with your Valentine’s this city is perfect.

Madeira Island, Portugal

Madeira Island

For an overall secluded time with your partner, the Madeira Island in Portugal is perfect. Porto Santo has always been chosen as the most romantic destination in Europe with its soft-sand beaches, calm waters and rich greenery. Couples can walk across the sandy beaches, or explore the unique caves of Porto Santo. Adventure loving couples can take a tour to the nearby waterfalls and swim in the natural rock pools. The best part about this romantic place that you can make your Valentines’ day special on your own. No, matter how you spend your day with your partner, each moment is unforgettable at Madeira Island.

Alsace, France


Other than Paris, Alsace is another destination in France perfect for your Valentines’ day. It is in North east part of France with a mix of French and German culture. Couples can head to The Unterlinden Museum in Colmar or take a tour of the beautiful vineyards that covers the whole region. They can enjoy some of the best wines in the world at Alsatian Wine Route. To make your Valetine’s day more special, you can take hot air balloon ride over the Vosges Mountains and immerse in the beauty of the city. Finish your day by dining at the best romantic restaurant in Alsace. There is no doubt that Alsace will make your Valentines’ day more special and wonderful.

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