What would be the best time to visit Georgia? Difficult but also an important thing to consider….. Georgia is one of the wonderful tourist destinations for nature lovers. Spending some days in the middle of a natural wonderland is a kind experience. Whether you choose to hike to the highest peak, explore the ancient caves and architecture, or take a tour of wine-production areas, it is sure that you won’t regret choosing Georgia’s destination for the trip.  But before exploring this natural beauty, it is important to consider which month is the best to get the most from the trip. Georgia’s seasons are divided into 12 months and each one has something to offer. Let’s discuss Georgia in April weather when you can’t escape to take part in any experience.


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Georgia Temperature in April: Average Temperature

Georgia Temperature in April is very cold with a range between 4 degrees Celsius to 13 degrees Celsius, where tourists need to wear warm clothes. There are also some expectations of rain for 3 to 8 days, so it is better to bring an umbrella and raincoat so that you can have a hassle-free Georgia tour.

Georgia Tbilisi weather April: Exploring weather conditions in Tbilisi, Georgia

In this section, we will explore the weather conditions in Georgia, in April which comes with spring bloom in Tbilisi city. Some temperature fluctuations cause some fairly warm. April in Tbilisi has a normal rainfall with precipitation up to 47 mm. Apart from rainfall, the city has a vibrant atmosphere which shows it is an ideal time to revive your adventure enthusiasts.

Temperature: April brings a modest temperature of 15.5 degrees Celsius and also recorded night temperature of 5.2 degrees Celsius.


Humidity: Tourists in Tbilisi during April may find an average amount of humidity i.e. 66% which is also called relative humidity. There are also the highest and lowest humidity recorded at 70% and 48% respectively.


Rainfall: The estimated days that have been recorded for rainfall are 16.8 days with precipitation of 47mm.

Snowfall: The snowfall in Georgia has experienced from January to April and from October to December. April is the last month for snowfall in Tbilisi of 13mm snow within 0.7 days.

Daylight: The daytime in Tbilisi during April has an average length of day of 13 hours and 21 minutes from which sunshine measured of 8 to 9 hours.

Tbilisi Georgia Weather in April: What to Expect

April is a good time to visit Tbilisi, when the weather is often found moderately chilly and cool breeze with a temperature ranging between 4 to 18 degrees Celsius. Visitors have lots of options to choose from them to have a good time in Tbilisi. Some of the suggestions are exploring the Tbilisi Open Air Museum of Ethnography, taking a wine tour in Kakheti, or choosing a one-day trip to Uplistsikhe. Tbilisi, Georgia weather in April offers so many things to do like events and activities, based on interests in food, culture, art, music, sport, etc.

Tbilisi April Weather: Quick overviews on weather patterns in Tbilisi during April

  • The average temperature in Tbilisi in April is measured at approximately 12.8 degrees Celsius approx. 55.04 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The afternoon can be some warm with estimated high temperatures of up to 18 degrees Celsius.
  • During night, the temperature falls to low at 7 degrees Celsius.
  • The shortest day and the longest day were recorded at 12 hours and 28 minutes & 13 hours and 56 minutes, respectively.
  • The sunny and cloudy hours have divided between 41.8% and 58.2%.

Average Temperature in Georgia in April: Statistical Overview

There would be different average temperature in Georgia in April. These tables will represent diverse temperatures in North Georgia, Central Georgia, and South & Coastal Georgia.

North Georgia

LocationTemperature in degrees (H)Temperature in degrees (L)

Central Georgia

LocationTemperature in degrees (H)Temperature in degrees (L)
La Grange259
Warner Robins2512

South and Coastal Georgia

LocationTemperature in degrees (H)Temperature in degrees (L)
Cumberland Island2414
Sapelo Island2514

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