Once we plan a trip to any particular destination, we always wonder about where to go there and what to visit. Choosing any destination in the world, each country and each city is different. Each has its unique specialty and unique charm.

Some people look for a family destination, some for romantic, some rich in technology, and some for rich in natural beauty. If you are stuck at the destination with the natural beauty, then Georgia can be your must-visit place. Georgia is located in the middle of the Europe and Asia continent which is actually a mixture of natural wonders and modern charm. In this blog, we have listed the best cities of Georgia offering lots of things to do and rich in ancient wonders. It is possible that your Georgia trip can cost you high, but not with us. We at the Travel Makers, are known as the best travel agency in Dubai offer various Georgia tour packages from Dubai including all the travel benefits like flight, hotel stays, hotel transfers, travel insurance, and visas.


Georgia Tour Packages

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Georgia Tour Packages

Top places to visit in Georgia

Tbilisi – The Capital City of Georgia


Whenever you visit Georgia, Tbilisi is a must-visit city with a hub of religions, arts, culture, and food. Tbilisi is a perfect base for taking morning trips and exploring the nearby mountain, desert, and wine regions of Georgia.

Top things to do in Georgia:

  • Visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral
  • Enjoy a cable car ride to Narikala Fortress
  • Savour delicious Georgian food at traditional restaurants
  • Visit the Chronicle of Georgia

Mtskheta – The Religious City in Georgia


Mtskheta is one of the oldest cities in Georgia. It is located 20km far from the main city of Tbilisi. It was the earlier capital city of Georgia at the time of King Gorgaasli era. It is home to Georgia’s most important churches i.e. Svetitskhoveli, Jvari, and Samtavro Monastery.

Things to do in Mtskheta:

  • Visit the Oldest Christian Monastries
  • Tour to the Antique period castle
  • Get to the Medieval Monastery Complex

Batumi – The Modern city in Georgia


Batumi is the modern city of Georgia located near the bank of the Black Sea. It is also the second-biggest city in Georgia. The irony of this destination is that you won’t feel like you are in Georgia. On one side you would hear the rings of church bells and other side you would listen to muezzin’s prayer from the mosques. Batumi has a combination of European and Asian styles. It is also a glamorous city that attracts visitors to gambling in one of its casinos.

Things to do Batumi:

  • Take a walk or bike tour across Batumi Boulevard
  • Walk through the Botanical Garden
  • Have a time travel in the Batumi Old Town
  • Explore the Batumi’s Wild Modern Architecture

Kutaisi – The Cultural Hub of Georgia


It is the fourth largest city in Georgia but it is smaller than Tbilisi. It is also one of the oldest cities in Georgia. This city is rich in its charm and offers lots of things to do. As it is the cultural city of Georgia, people can find old monuments, beautiful nature, and impressive Soviet architecture. It is also one of the winter places in Georgia that allows you to take part in various winter activities in Svaneti.

Things to do in Kutaisi:

  • Visit the famous Green Bazaar
  • Taste the homemade Imeretian Feast
  • Pray at Bagrati Cathedral
  • Discover the Prometheus Cave
  • Hike the Okatse Canyon

Gori – The Surprise city of Georgia


Gori is the surprise city of Georgia. It is named the dark tourism destination of Georgia. It is also the birthplace of the Soviet revolutionary i.e. Joseph Stalin. It is a peaceful city with lots of parks, streets, and trellises covered in vines.

Things to do in Gori:

  • Climb the Gori Fortress
  • Visit the memorial of Georgian war Heroes
  • Admire the architecture in Gori Old Town
  • Explore the Gori Bazaar
  • Visit the famous Stalin Museum

Telavi – The wine city of Georgia


If you love Georgian Wine, then make a visit to this city of Georgia. Telavi is the biggest city and the main transport hub in Kakheti (the famous wine region). It has lots of restaurants, wine bars, and family-run cellars. It is also the home to the famous “city of love” i.e. Sighnaghi.

Things to do in Telavi:

  • Visit the Telavi’s Fortress
  • Explore the Telavi History Museum
  • Pilgrimage to the Giant Plane Tree
  • Shop at Kera for Ceramics

Akhaltsikhe – The Castle City of Georgia


It is a small city in the southwestern region of Samtskhe-Javakheti in Georgia. It was formerly known as Lomisa. It is a multicultural city in Georgia with a long history of Ottoman, Mongol, and Iranian Rule.

Things to do in Akhaltsikhe:

  • Explore the Akhaltsikhe Castle
  • Visit the New Akhaltsikhe
  • Take a tour to 12 churches of Sapara Monastery
  • Discover the smaller caves at Vanis Kvabebi

Hope this city tour of Georgia has created a diverse impact on your mind and convinced you to visit each beautiful city of Georgia. Whether you choose Tbilisi, Kakheti, Kutaisi, Batumi, or many more, these places are rich in major attractions and offer best things to do in Georgia. Get your perfect Georgia tour package with The Travel Makers. Our best travel agency in Dubai is always ready to assist you in different ways. So, let’s take a “Diverse Georgia tour” and fill your heart with lots of memories.