The World is rich in different destinations and each destination is unique in its own. Whether we choose any place from any direction, each of them is unique and diverse in nature. But, if you are looking for something different, then Georgia is here. Located at the intersection point of Asia and Europe, in the middle of Russia in the North and Turkey in the South is a combination destination of innovative technology as well as natural wonders. This is a small country surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains range and the Black Sea coastline. It is a country rich in history, different cultures and traditions, delicious food, and very ancient wine production.

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What is the best month to visit Georgia?

As per its location, there are different seasons in Georgia. If choosing summer, then it is too hot and the temperature lies within 18 to 32 degrees Celsius and the winter is extra cold with temp. ranging between -1 to 9 degrees Celsius.

Apart from visiting Georgia in the Summer or Georgia in the Winter, visit this place in the months from May to October. During these months, people can find less humidity and fewer tourists. Visitors can try the famous Georgian wines as it is the best time for wine production. Travelers can also enjoy hiking in the Caucasus Mountains. Even if you choose to visit Georgia in the different seasons, then each season has so much to offer to the visitors.

Currency in Georgia

The Official Currency of Georgia is Georgian Lari, also called GEL. Georgia also uses coins called Tetri. In Georgia 100 Tetri = 1 Lari. 1 AED = 0.73 Lari

What to carry Cash or Cards?

Many big cities in Georgia like Tbilisi, Batumi, etc accept payments through cards. Debit and Credit cards are mostly accepted at restaurants, shops, and hotels in Georgia. Some of the places like local markets, taxi drivers, smaller supermarkets, and some guesthouses accept the payment with cash. In contrast, in rural areas, cash is mostly considered to make payments, so it is important to take some cash to avoid any hurdles during your purchases.

Where to exchange money in Georgia?

Currency exchange in Georgia can be quite easy with lots of exchange offices in the town. The most famous money exchange company in Georgia is Rico Credit which offers the best exchange rates. You can also exchange money at Georgian Banks such as TBC, Bank of Georgia, Cartu Bank, VTB, and Basisbank, but it is important to keep in mind that exchanging money from banks can bear you the worst exchange rates. You can exchange money with us i.e The Travel Makers, at the some rates.

Things to know before visiting Georgia

visiting Georgia

Before visiting any place, it is important to know about that particular so that we can avoid any discrepancies during the trip.

Georgia is a small country but it is filled with nature, hospitality, tradition, culture, delicious food, and wine.

If you are visiting Georgia for the first time, then this part of the blog will offer some things to know before visiting Georgia for an unforgettable trip. These points are:

  1. Learn some Georgian phrases: Before visiting any destination, it is important to learn some particular phrases of Georgia so that you feel like a guest and also appreciated by the residents.
  2. Buy a local SIM card: Buying a local SIM card is a quite necessity in Georgia if you are visiting Georgia on your own. SIM cards are mainly used for booking taxis or navigating the way through Google Maps. Try to buy a SIM card from the Magti branch for lower prices.
  3. Bring a gift if visiting a family: Georgian believes that guests are sent from God and the host’s hospitality will fill your heart with joy. Ensure to bring a gift when visiting a family whether it can be a bouquet or a bottle of wine.
  4. Wi-Fi is well-established:- There is a well-established Wi-Fi network across Georgia’s coffee shops, restaurants, and guesthouses. Some of the accommodation venues offer internet service free of cost.

Best places to visit in Georgia

As the Georgia is filled with natural wonders and beautiful attractions. But the Georgia trip cannot be completed without visiting these best places. Some of the best places to visit in Georgia include the Georgia tour packages are:

  1. Tbilisi –  The Capital city of Georgia

Tbilisi is the heart city of Georgia. It is one of the must-visit places on the banks of the Mtkvari (known as the Kura River), covered with mountains and hills. Take an ideal exploration of the capital city by visiting the streets of the old town.

Top places like Holy Trinity Church, Narikala Fortress, Chronicle of Georgia, etc. are the major attractions of Tbilisi.

  • Mtskheta – The Religious city of Georgia

It is the oldest city in Georgia just 20 km away from the main city of Tbilisi. It is the religious capital of Georgia. This city has played a significant role in the origin of Christianity in Georgia. Mtskheta has three famous churches of Georgia, i.e. Jvari, Samtavro Monastery, and Svetitskhoveli.

  •  Batumi –  The Modern city of Georgia

We have already read that Georgia has a mixed culture of two different continents Europe and Asia and if you really want to feel like Georgia then this is your place. People can find the perfect combinations of Asian and European styles in the culture as well as the architecture of Georgia. Batumi Boulevard, Batumi Botanical Garden, Batumi Dolphinarium, Batumi Central Masjid, etc. are the must-visit places in Batumi.

  • Kutaisi – The Cultural Heart of Georgia

Kutaisi is the fourth-largest city in Georgia but not in comparison to Tbilisi. It is a popular cultural city in Georgia with lots of cultural sights like Bagrati Cathedral, Colchis Fountain, Rioni River, Gelati Monastery, etc.

Things to do in Georgia

There are so many things to do in Georgia as per the different regions in Georgia. These activities are:

  1. Attend A Supra: A supra is the name of the basic traditional type of Georgian feast. It is a homemade experience when all the family members gather, and eat delicious food served in a Georgian style with wine. Supra is generally attended when invited by friends.
  2. Taste Georgian wine: Georgia is one of the oldest wine-producing countries since 8000 years ago. And generally, wine production is done at home. The famous region of Georgian for wine-producing is Kakheti, where local vintners have been producing wines for centuries. People can visit the famous Georgia’s Napa Valley, which is famous for wine production and vineyard tours.
  3. Try Khachapuri: Even if you are not so foodie, but still, this famous Georgia dish will take your heart. It is a traditional Georgia dish made with cheese bread and includes a layer of egg over the dough and cheese.
  4. Relax on the Beaches: If you are going to visit Georgia in summer, then relaxing at the famous beaches in Batumi can be the best thing to do in Georgia. Batumi City is one of the famous places in Georgia for its modern architecture and unique attractions.

How to go to Georgia from Dubai?

Georgia from Dubai

The ideal way to reach Georgia from Dubai is through flight. There are several unique routes like Dubai to Tbilisi (the capital city), Dubai to Batumi, and Dubai to Kutaisi that connect Dubai to Georgia. The duration of the flights from Dubai to Georgia is 3 hours and 35 minutes. Emirates, FLYUIA, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Oman Air are some popular airlines that offer direct flights on this route.

Wander about how to reach Georgia from UAE???

No need to worry…..There are so many places in UAE that have direct routes to Georgia, such as Sharjah to Tbilisi, Abu Dhabi to Tbilisi, Abu Dhabi to Kutaisi, etc. Choose any of the routes included in the Georgia tour package from UAE and get an affordable and convenient trip to Georgia.

Best Hotels in Georgia

If you are looking to stay in Georgia, then these hotels are ready to assist you with top facilities. The list of best hotels in Georgia includes:

  1. St. Regis Atlanta: This hotel is in Buckhead, Georgia. It has rooms equipped with a flat TV, iPod station, windows, a marble bathroom, and a minibar. It also offers other services like a full-service spa, fitness club, and a billiards room.
  2. Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta: This hotel is in Midtown Atlanta and is also known as a 5-star hotel within a half-mile distance from the High Museum of Art. It offers a spa service, health club, restaurant, writing desk, and internet service. Guests can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Bar Margot in Four Season Hotel Atlanta.
  3. Waldorf Astoria Atlanta: This hotel is 1.5 miles away from the Atlanta History Center. It has a garden for playing and relaxing, a parking facility, a terrace and, a restaurant. All the rooms at this hotel are rich in basic services with AC, a seating area, a TV, a deposit box, and a private bathroom adding a shower, toiletries, and a hairdryer.
  4. The Ritz-Carlton: The Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta offers nothing less than a luxurious and comfortable stay in the middle of the city. It has guest rooms that are fully equipped with TVs, internet, marble bathrooms, minibars, and technology.

Food in Georgia

If you are fond of trying different dishes, then Georgia is your perfect place. Georgian dishes have added rich diversity to the culture and history of ancient people. From trying Georgian national dishes to Georgian local dishes, each is rich in flavor and taste. Foods like Khinkali, Khachapuri, and Churchkhela are so delicious that they are not only within Georgia but also outside Georgia. The best part about Georgian dishes is that they are not limited, but also offer famous food according to the region and season. To fulfill your hunger, rich Georgia with the Georgia tour package and satisfy your hunger with the famous Georgian wine.

Shopping in Georgia

If we talk about shopping in Georgia, then this country is rich in shopping options. Starting from various new Georgia shopping centers to Georgia local markets, it has something for everyone. There are so many things to buy in Georgia that not only satisfy your shopper soul but also make you bring lots of memories of your Georgia trip. Some famous places to buy things in Georgia are Tbilisi Mall, Galleria Tbilisi, East Point, Dry Bridge, Dezerter Bazaar, Meidan Bazaar, and Batumi Mall, etc. Georgia is also known for budget-friendly shopping places and offers a wide range of items, such as clothing, accessories, and souvenirs.

The best thing about shopping is creating memories with the items purchased i.e. Souvenirs. Some famous souvenirs of Georgia are Lurji Supra, Ceramics, Churchkhela, Georgian wine, Georgian Blue tablecloth, Spices, Jewelry, etc.

In Conclusion, this Georgia tour guide includes everything you need to know before traveling to Georgia. Georgian places, Georgian things, Georgian food, and Georgian are waiting to be explored by you. Reach the Travel Makers and get your best personalized Georgia tour package.