Don’t know how to interact with the locals in Georgia??
Once you reach any destination in the world, the first thing that you must be aware of is the language of the destination. The knowledge of the local language of the place will not only enhance your travel but also help you to interact with the locals and leave a special impact.

If we talk about Georgia… the locals believe that guests are sent from God. So, it is usually important to get to know about the language of Georgia to freely talk to the hosts in Georgia.

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In the blog, we will get to know about the language of Georgia and some phrases that will you to talk to the people.

Language in Georgia

The official language of Georgia is Georgian which is also known as Kartvelian Language. It is written in Mkhedruli script. Almost 90% of the people in Georgia spoke in Georgian Language. English and Russian are also used by people in Georgia.

How to interact with locals in Georgia?

In the major tourist cities of Georgia, people are aware of the English language as it is part of their job. However, you may find people in rural areas or taxi drivers cannot understand you. In this case, don’t hesitate, to go to another local and talk, he will surely help you as they are very friendly. They behave politely & modestly with the guests so don’t hesitate, do it with a smile on the face.

Useful Georgian Phrases

Whenever you visit any destination, if you talk in the local language of the destination, it is mostly that they will appreciate you. Firstly, they will be amazed but after that, they will treat you greatly and try to engage with you.

Here we have listed some famous and important Georgian phrases that will help you to create a wonderful impact on the people:

Greetings and Essentials

  • Yes – ho
  • No – ara
  • Thank you – gmadlobt
  • Please – arapris
  • Excuse me – bodishi
  • I don’t understand – me
  • How Are You? – Rogor khar?
  • Nice to Meet You – Sasiamovnoa sheni gatsnoba
  • My Name Is … –  Me mqvia [name]
  • Good – kargad
  • Hello – gamardzobat
  • Goodbye – nakhvamdis
  • Bye – dzherdzherobit
  • Good morning – dila mshvidobisa
  • Good evening – sagamo mshvidobisa
  • Good night – game mshvidobisa


  • Where is the Bathroom? – Sapirpaerosho sadaa?
  • Turn Left, Turn Right – Marjvniv, Martkshinv
  • Stop, Go – Gaachere, Tsadi
  • Slow Down – Nela

At Restaurant

  • Water -Tskali
  • Delicious – Gemrielia
  • This dish – es kerdzi
  • A cup of tea/coffee – pindzhani khava/chai
  • Red/white wine – tsiteli/tetri gvino
  • Mineral water – mineralupi ts’kali

At the Market

  • Too Expensive – Dzalian dzviria
  • Okay, I’ll buy it – vkidulob
  • What is this? – es ra aris?
  • How much does it cost? – ra gh’ris?
  • Room – otachi
  • Change – khurda

At Major Attractions

  • I would like to see – me minda vnakho
  • Temple – tajari
  • Museum – muzemi
  • Old town – dzveli kalaki

At Distinct Areas

  • Where is it located? – sad mdemareobs
  • Nightclub – gamis klub’i
  • Casino – kazino
  • Bank – bank’i
  • Market – bazar’i
  • Supermarket – supermark’et’i
  • Souvenir shop – suvenirebis

Hope, this blog will help you to leave a long-lasting impact on the people of Georgia. Their friendly nature will again convince you to visit Georgia and these phrases will again help you to make your Georgian interaction a memorable one.