When visiting any destination in the world, to purely engage in the nation’s culture and also to make the most of the trip, it is important to know how you can spend your perfect time at the place. Or you can say how to make the worth of the trip, or what activities or things the destinations offer. And if we talk about Georgia, which is filled with ancient traditions and culture, it is important to the best things to do.

In the blog, we will offer the best things to do in Georgia and also offer tips to make your trip worthwhile and memorable. Firstly, to visit the destination on a budget, contact us i.e. The Travel Makers, the best travel agency in Dubai. We have various Georgia tour packages from Dubai to cater to all the travel needs of each kind of traveler.

Now, let’s get a virtual tour of Georgia with the best things to do.

Things to do in Georgia

Visit Tbilisi’s Old Town

After reaching Georgia, the first stop in the country is Tbilisi. And even if you do not visit other cities in the country, you can easily spend your whole vacation in this town. The major attraction in the city is its Old Town. This place is filled with historical churches, monuments, and buildings that can be found near the hillside. You can climb or also take a cable car to reach the high. Even if you feel tired, you can get a relaxing sulfur bath. To visit the modern architecture, you can also walk through the other side of the Kura River.

Attend the Georgian Supra

Supra is a traditional feast of Georgia that is served with Georgian food and wines in Georgian homes. Generally, this feast is organized by friends, and if are in for the first time in Georgia and don’t know the local phrases of Georgia, it may be difficult for you to communicate with the Georgians.

Try Georgian Wine

Your Georgia trip cannot be completed without tasting Georgian wine. Georgia has been producing wine since more than 8000 years ago and also become famous for making high-quality of wine in Europe. Kakheti, located in the south of Georgia, is famous for wine production with its better environmental conditions. Kakheti wine region is also called Georgia’s Napa Valley and you can easily take a vineyard tour to get in touch with different flavors of wines.

Eat Khachapuri

However, Georgian food is not so famous but it is the best among the other traditional dishes of Georgia that will capture your heart. It was traditionally made with cheesy bread topped with eggs, but it can be prepared in different ways. Some new toppings that can be added are walnuts, mushrooms, etc.

Reach the highest Gergeti Trinity Church

If you want to capture Georgia in one photo, reach the high mountain in Kazbegi Region. This region has the most famous Orthodox church in Georgia.  You can split your tour by staying at its nearest town Stepantsminda at night and start your climbing adventure on the next day.

Relax at the Batumi beaches

You might be wondering, does Georgia have beaches?? And the answer is yes..

Georgia’s modern city Batumi has beaches that are best for chilling out and relaxation. The best time to visit Batumi is summer. Batumi’s Black Sea Resort offers a different experience with its modern architecture and unique attractions. If you are tired of hiking or visiting historical monuments, relax at the beaches of Batumi and enjoy summer fun.

Explore the Caves of Uplistsikhe

After experiencing these adventures, you can visit the caves of Uplistsikhe in Gori. You do not need to climb or hike high, as these caves are outside Gori city which is only 1 or 1 and half hours away from the main city, Tbilisi.

Hoping that you enjoyed this virtual tour of Georgia. But this is only a virtual tour, start your real adventure in Georgia with the Georgia tour packages with us i.e. The Travel Makers.