It is believed that languages are the best way to connect with the locals. Knowing greeting phrases or sentences in that destination’s language will help you to directly interact with the people and leave a special impact as a visitor. But if we talk about Europe, this continent has more than 50 countries and they have their languages. Before visiting any place in Europe, it is best to know about the local language of that region. In this blog, we have selected the top spoken languages in Europe that will help you to know more about the country.

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Now, let us go through the blog and make your Europe trip a memorable one.


The European continent is rich in various countries and each country is different from others with its culture, history, tradition, and locals. We cannot say which language is European is preferable because it totally depends on the place that you are going to visit. That’s why there is no official language in Europe instead, 26th September has been declared as the European Day of Languages.Now, let us know the top spoken languages in Europe.

Top Languages in Europe


Russian is the most spoken language in Europe with 120 million locals. Russian is a widely spoken language in various parts of Europe such as Eastern Europe countries. It is found that learning the Russian language can be difficult as it is written in the Cyrillic alphabet, and the other in Latin. This is the official language of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Belarus.


This language ranked at the second place in Europe and approx. 100 million Europeans use this language. German is considered the most understandable language following English. It is the official language of Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.


French is the third widely spoken language of Europe with more than 80 million speakers. It is the official language of France and is also spoken in Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg. It is the most common language in Europe and is also used as the primary language in most international organizations like the United Nations, the European Union, and World Trade Organization.


Now, let’s come up to our expected language i.e. English. This language ranked the fourth most popular language in Europe. Approx. 70 million speakers use English as their spoken language. It is generally spoken in Ireland, Irish and, the United Kingdom. 


Turkish is the fifth-ranked spoken language following English. It is the official language of Turkey and is also spoken around the Mediterranean, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, and in Central Asia. Earlier it was written in the Arabic alphabet but now, it has changed in Latin Alphabet.


More than 69 percent of Europeans spoke Italian and is ranked as the 6th most used language in Europe. It is the official language of Italy as well as also spoken in Vatican City, Switzerland, San Marino, Croatia, and Slovenia.


Spanish is the official language of 21 countries in Europe and is ranked as the second most speaking language in the world. It is the mother tongue of more than 45 Europeans and is considered a romance language.


Ukrainian is the East Slavic language of Europe with more than 45 million speakers. It is the official language of Ukraine and is also widely spoken in Romania and Russia. As similar to Russian, Ukrainian is also written in Cyrillic script.


More than 40 million European people speak the Polish language. This language refers to the West Slavic group of the Indo-European Language family. It is the official language of Poland and also the spoken language in other countries like the Czech Republic, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Hungary, and, Slovakia.


Romanian is the 10th most spoken language in Europe with 23 million native speakers. This language is considered the Eastern Romance Language of Europe. Romanian is the official language of Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, and Transylvania cities.

In conclusion, these top 10 languages are widely spoken in Europe. Whenever you plan to visit any country in Europe, make sure to know about some greeting phrases to help you to easily navigate through the culture of European countries.