Appropriate packing and taking essentials on a trip makes it more enjoyable, worthwhile, and hassle-free. There are always some queries about what should be packed on a trip. If talking about Seychelles, this tourist destination is apart from the other coastal destinations… Maldives and Zanzibar. But to get the fullest from the trip, it is best to be already prepared with an appropriate packing list with essentials such as daily items. We at the Travel Makers are here to make your trip more organized with this Seychelles packing list and our Seychelles tour packages including lots of beautiful destinations to explore and various activities to take part in. Get in touch with us at +971-4256-2434 and start your properly planned journey to make it memorable for your lifetime.


Seychelles Tour Packages From Dubai

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Seychelles Tour Packages

Packing list for Seychelles trip

We have categorized the Seychelles packing items so that you don’t miss any essentials to bring on the trip. These categories are dress, shoes, electronics, documents, and others.  Let’s start:


Swim Wear– Seychelles is a beach location, so it is often to carry swimsuits. You will find, most of the time you will wear a suit and take part in water sports, such as diving, snorkeling, or swimming. So get some best swimwear to easily stroll through this wonder.

Shorts, Tops – Apart from swimsuits, there is another option with shorts, tops, and Capri to spend some time biking and trekking in the hills. These clothes combinations are your go-to outfits.

Skirts – Skirts for women would be comfortable to wander around the markets and museums.

Midi Dress or Maxi – These can be good to wear in the evenings and beach hopping.

Trouser – Most people would wear shorts or swimsuits but trousers are ideal if you are planning to head to the Casino or go for dinner in the hotels.

Shirts – Men, wear your favorite floral shirts and look more handsome.


Flip-flops – It is impossible not to bring flip-flops or beach shoes in Seychelles. Depending upon the season, you will find shallow waters at some of the beaches perfect for wearing beach shoes while swimming or snorkeling.

Trekking shoes – Some of the beaches in Seychelles are located behind hills so you need to pass through the trekking trails to get to the beautiful beaches of Seychelles.


Camera – cameras are important to capture and create memories to remember for your lifetime. Waterproof cameras are also another option to capture the underwater world.

Power bank – Carry a power bank to charge your mobile phone for a hassle-free trip and to handle it in case of any emergency.

Music Player – Music is best to create a beautiful ambiance around you.


Passport – An important companion for any trip especially international trips.

Hotel booking documents – Hotel booking documents are important for visa purposes.

Driving License – While renting a car, you need to show a driver’s license for a hassle-free car ride in Seychelles.

Travel Insurance – In case of any medical emergency, or flight cancellation, travel insurance will help you as a travel compensation.

Other Items

Umbrella – The Weather in Seychelles can be unpredicted from sunny to rainy. Must carry one.

Sunscreen – It is important to carry sunscreen as the sun can be harsh on your skin during sunny days.

Waterproof bags – A waterproof bag is important when you spend some time on the beaches or island tour. You can also save your camera during rainfall.

Snorkeling gear – Seychelles is the ultimate spot for snorkeling. If you have one, then must carry it with you as some of the hotels or resorts do not lend or provide snorkeling gear.

Flashlight – Some of the roads in the smaller islands of Seychelles do not have streetlights, so a flashlight would be very helpful for venturing around to search for restaurants.

Medicine – Traveling sometimes can be sick, so taking some basic medications is advisable to get out of some medical hassles.

Mosquito Repellent – Mosquito repellents are good for safe yourself from biting bugs.

Magazine – When you don’t know what to do, then magazines are the best partners. You can spend your time in reading where you are on the flight or at the resort.

Get yourself to the beautiful Seychelles with this ultimate Seychelles packing list & our Seychelles tour packages and spend your beautiful time with your loved ones. Call us now at +971-4256-2434 and start your tour now.